A climate disaster like a typhoon in a country like the Philippines causes humanitarian problems. People’s lives are in disarray and the infrastructure is badly damaged. This includes the loss of or damage to infrastructure such as roads, bridges, power supply, etc. They need to be repaired, and this is a long-awaited financial issue. Renewable energy sources can play an important role in such situations. Typhoon Goni is described as the worst storm in the world this year. Wind speeds ranged from 133 to 164 miles per hour and were accompanied by heavy rainfall, floods and landslides.

It ran south of the main island of Luzon and left a trail of destruction. Floods and landslides have led to traffic nuisance on roads blocked by debris. This influenced the movements and movements of the rescue teams. Volcanic rocks and lava flows have buried many houses in the Beacol area. In October 2019 Typhoon Hagibis hit Japan and influenced some of the matches of the World Rugby Championship.

CNN reports that at least ten people have been killed by Typhoon Goni and more than two million people have been affected. The representative of the Emergency Management Board confirmed the number of deaths and added the cost of the damage, which still had to be determined. The authorities evacuated nearly a million people from the main island of Luzon.

They will need humanitarian aid in the form of food, shelter and medicine.

Assistance to Aeronautics in Dissolving Typhoon Goni

Even before the typhoon hit the Philippines, it was feared that it would hit the capital Manila. As a precaution, the authorities evacuated hundreds of families.

The typhoon, which led to the landing of the Atlantic hurricane category 5, weakened after crossing the Philippines and was relegated to a tropical storm. CNN reports the use of the plane on the island of Catanduanes, where a typhoon caused the masts of the mobile phone to collapse. Rescue flights to Catanduanes and Legaspi are planned.

In 2013, Hayan killed more than 6,300 people in the Philippines. In September 2018, Typhoon Manghut forcibly closed down Hong Kong Airport and Macau Casino.

Numerous buildings damaged by typhoon Goni

According to Philippine President Dick Gordon, a preliminary damage assessment indicates that Virac has been destroyed. There are about 70,000 people living here, and the typhoon brought chaos. The Red Cross expects that almost 90 percent of the buildings in the first affected city will be damaged. The climate turbulence has displaced hundreds of thousands of people, but has spared the capital Manila. However, communication channels have been disrupted, making it difficult to get low tariffs in the region.

Trees uprooted by typhoon

A Red Cross official said the damage to the city is currently about 70 percent of the damage to Ayan [the typhoon]. The Philippine Red Cross also mentioned the lack of electricity, water and mobile phone networks. They are essential in modern society, and people try to get feedback through social networks. Signage at airports and seaports is relatively safe, but in many places trees have been uprooted. The Philippines experience an average of 20 storms and typhoons per year. It lost 22 people when Typhoon Molaw hit the same area last week. Given the infectious nature of the disease, there are complications associated with Covid-19. This is a concern for the authorities that have evacuated patients treated in isolated tents.

In response to the emergency, schools, gymnasiums and public evacuation centres have been transformed into emergency shelters. This is a temporary measure.

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