Tom Brady is a famous American football player and now, he has been accused of cheating in the NFL with his personal trainer. The Rock made some weight loss announcements on Instagram about getting into shape for Wrestlemania 33.

Tom Brady retired from the NFL on April 19, 2018. Tom Brady was a quarterback for the New England Patriots and is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. He has won five Super Bowls and three Super Bowl MVP awards. Read more in detail here: tom brady retired.

From Tom Brady to The Rock

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The inaugural season of Peyton and Eli’s Monday Night Football show has come to an end with the Los Angeles Rams’ 34-11 wild-card-round win against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Manning siblings wasted no time demonstrating they are just as entertaining to watch in the broadcast booth (read: Eli’s basement and Peyton’s remote production room) as they are on the field when we first saw them in Week 1.

Mondays were quickly made a bit less ordinary, whether the former quarterbacks were providing great insight into the game, chirping at one other (so many forehead jokes), or indulging in story time with their high-profile guests (14 past players and 11 current players among them).

Even though they didn’t wear their customary quarter-zip sweaters for the playoffs (strange), Peyton and Eli still looked great. The ManningCast finale featured no lack of great moments, thanks to Larry Fitzgerald, The Rock, Russell Wilson, and jokes about Eli’s favorite New York Giants.

“At least the Rams are doing it near the goal line, as opposed to the Giants who are doing it in wide field.” Peyton –

@EliManning @OmahaProd “No comment”

January 18, 2022 — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter)

.@TheRock says he’ll give Peyton the Rock Bottom if he hasn’t already.

January 18, 2022 — ESPN (@espn)

As we prepare for months of football-free Mondays, we’ve compiled a list of some of the season’s most ManningCast-y, ManningCast moments:

Eli receives a chain from Snoop Dogg…

If there were guest power rankings, Snoop Dogg would have to be at the top for this move alone.

When Snoop Dogg first visited the ManningCast in Week 17, the rapper and die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan made an immediate impact by giving his host, and birthday boy Eli, a present.

It’s difficult to imagine a more swaggering approach to enter your 41st year than wearing a Death Row Records necklace around your neck.

For his 41st birthday, @SnoopDogg gave @EliManning a Death Row Records chain.

The look on Eli’s face is priceless.

January 4, 2022 — ESPN (@espn)

For the playoffs, Peyton encouraged his younger brother to wear his new bling. Eli, of course, delivered.

@OmahaProd @EliManning is rockin’ the chain that @SnoopDogg gave him.

January 18, 2022 — ESPN (@espn)

Eli demonstrates that his hips don’t lie…

During his pregame warm-up routine in Week 3, Eli opted to show how Dak Prescott “creates torque” by relaxing his hips. Peyton was speechless after Eli compared himself to Shakira, commenting, “I’m sorry, but I don’t have anything for you. For the sake of our viewers, I’m going to let it sink in.”

“These hips aren’t going to lie to you. I’m similar to Shakira.” The hips don’t lie, as @EliManning is demonstrating.

September 28, 2021 — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter)

The meatloaf, Ma…

When fans asked if Eli lived with his parents on Twitter, the quarterback responded with a classy, well-timed tribute to Chazz Reinhold.

“MA THE MEATLOAF” is a phrase that means “Mama the Meatloaf.”


September 28, 2021 — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter)

Beast Mode will remain Beast Mode…

Marshawn Lynch told the Manning brothers in Week 7 that he had changed his customary morning routine of drinking a shot and a half of Hennessy to a three-shot minimum to accommodate for “big bro” and “little bro.”

“Today I had a three-shot minimum.” Henny photos were taken by @MoneyLynch for himself, Eli, and Peyton.

October 26, 2021 — ESPN (@espn)

Tom Brady is trolled by Eli…

When Brady appeared on the show in Week 7 (during a particularly star-studded week), Eli took a sly dig at the former New England Patriots quarterback’s two Super Bowl defeats to the former New York Giants quarterback.

“I had a lot more fun playing against Peyton than Eli,” Brady says.

“Tom, I loved all of our games,” Eli says.

October 26, 2021 — ESPN (@espn)

People aren’t easily forgotten.

Brady, the giant “babe”…

While we’re on the topic of teasing Brady, Julian Edelman, a close friend and former colleague, was the best guy for the job.

The former Patriots wide receiver delivered possibly the most memorable moment of Week 11 when he used his genuine gift of impersonating Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski to narrate a dialogue between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers combo.

@Edelman11’s @RobGronkowski and @TomBrady impersonations are great.

November 23, 2021 — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter)

While we can’t know what the real discussion was about, this rendition seemed correct.

The ManningCast curse has yet to be broken…

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the fabled “ManningCast curse,” a feared occurrence in which every current player who joined Peyton and Eli’s program went on to lose the following game they played.

After their Week 1 debuts on the show, it came for Travis Kelce and Wilson in Week 2. Then, the following week, the curse took Week 2 guests Rob Gronkowski and Matthew Stafford. The curse was alive and strong following the Manning brothers’ three-week break until Brady was hit by it in Week 8. Josh Allen came up next, and he, too, lost in Week 9.

Despite the fact that Aaron Rodgers only participated for the first half in Week 18, the Green Bay Packers were nonetheless cursed with a defeat to the Detroit Lions after Rodgers’ presence.

In case you’ve lost count, that’s a dreadful 0-7 record for NFL players after a ManningCast appearance.

May we respectfully propose that players consider coming on before a bye week next season, as Phil Mickelson suggested?

Phil Mickelson is avoiding the Manning Curse like the plague.

“No, I don’t think it’s a thing. That’s why I won’t be competing next week.”

November 16, 2021 — ESPN (@espn)

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