The moon is a sensation all over the world. Israel is lining up to have a robot land on the alien surface. SpaceIL is a non-profit organization based in Israel and is planning a new mission this year after a failed attempt in 2019. Last year, the Bereshit spacecraft entered a lunar orbit, but crashed to the surface during its final phase. It was a big disappointment for the team. He is not discouraged by failures and wants to succeed this time. China already has a robot on the moon exploring the other side. His second robot returns to Earth after picking up moon rocks. This type of mission is highly dependent on a combination of factors such as artificial intelligence, robotics and renewable energy.

America is preparing to send a team of astronauts to the moon as part of the Artemis programme. One of the members will be a woman. It is clear that there is a growing curiosity about the moon and its contribution to space exploration. Some think it could prove to be a stepping stone to Mars and a possible source of useful material. In August 2018, NASA confirmed the presence of ice on the moon. It would be a valuable resource.

The New York Times reports that the Bereishit 2 spacecraft will be more advanced than the previous version. It will have two landers next to the orbiter. SpaceIL expects the budget for the follow-up mission to be similar to that of the previous mission. The preliminary plan foresees a launch in the first half of 2024.

Second Israeli attempt to land on the moon

The name of the SpaceIL spacecraft is Beresheet, which in Hebrew or in the beginning means Genesis. It’s perfect for the mission, because it’s definitely a start for Israel. It wants to work with countries like America, Russia and China to learn more about the moon. Two of the founders of the non-profit association explained that they wanted to do something else, instead of making and executing a copy of an earlier attempt.

One of them is Kfir Damari. He said: We want to do something meaningful. The New York Times adds that the two landowners would not go to the moon in the same place, but in different places. The orbiter will remain in orbit for at least a few years.

Israeli spacecraft and moon mission

SpaceIL is an Israeli non-profit organization that participated in a competition to promote the concept of a soft landing on the moon.

Google sponsored it and the prize pool was attractive. It was hard work and neither team was able to win the jackpot until the end of 2018, when it was closed. The New York Times adds that the Israeli company SpaceIL is one of Google’s competitors and has maintained its dynamism. The founders are confident that their second attempt will be successful. The United States and the Soviet Union competed in the sixties and seventies for first place in the race to the moon. However, they have other areas of space exploration in view of Mars. The moon has recently returned to the centre of attention, with China in the lead. Three spaceships have already landed since 2013. The Americans also plan to send robot missions to the moon.

Israel plans a second moon mission in 2024

According to NBC News, Israel’s first mission to the moon failed when its space probe crashed into the lunar surface last year. Engineers described it as a technical malfunction. At the beginning of 2024 the country makes a new attempt with the Bereshit 2 project. This includes the launch of two landing craft and an orbiter. The orbiter orbited the moon, conducted experiments and collected various data for schoolchildren. The Israeli Ministry of Science confirms it. Funding for the project is likely to come from international partnerships and donors, including Israeli public space companies IAI and SpaceIL.

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