Jessica Allen and Eliza Moore, both 27 years old, were fined £200 for walking five kilometres together (Photo: SWNS).

Derbyshire Police will review all fines imposed during the third county closure, after officers decided to fine two women who had driven 5 miles to go walking.

Jessica Allen and Elise Moore, both 27, were told that their cup of mint tea was considered a picnic, which is not permitted under the ban, after they were arrested by police at the Foremark Reservoir in Derbyshire on Wednesday.

They both felt they were following the accommodation rule before training, as they live about 10 minutes away in Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire.

The Derbyshire police initially defended the decision to fine each of the women £200, arguing that the behaviour before the exercise was not in the spirit of the lockdown.

However, the police have now confirmed that they will reconsider their position after being criticised for the harassment she suffered during the incident.

Derbyshire Police said in a statement on Friday evening that they have received new advice from the National Council of Police Chiefs (NPCC) that the Covid rules used by officers, which allow them to issue Fixed Penalty Messages (FNPs) for offences, do not limit the distance travelled for physical exercise.

Powers said: All sanction notices issued during this period will be reviewed for compliance. All recipients will be notified.

Deputy Chief of Police Kem Mehmet was added: Since the start of the pandemic, Derbyshire police have been working to understand the policies and laws that are evolving and to communicate them to policemen so that they are clear about what action to take.


The police have been criticized for their intimidating approach to the demonstrators (Photo: Tom Maddick / SWNS).

We are grateful to the NPCC management and our employees will continue to apply the 4E approach and will certainly encourage people to follow the guidelines and punish violations of the rules when necessary.

The actions of our agents remain focused on protecting the community and the NHS and contributing to saving lives.

The containment guidelines tell the public to limit physical activity – including running, cycling, swimming and walking – to once a day and indicate that people can leave their homes but are not allowed to travel outside their area.

Exercise is allowed within a group on the same site or, if you are alone, with a person from another household.

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Allen said the decision to fine her was crazy, and added that she drove to the reservoir because she knew there would be fewer people there than near her house.

She says she takes the containment incredibly seriously because her brother is a doctor in a coronavirus unit in London and both her parents were affected by Covid-19.

She said: When we went there, there was a police car, a police car, and there were a lot of policemen. I really thought someone had been murdered. It’s usually so quiet in here.

Next thing I know, my car’s moved. I got out of the car and I thought: They’re really not coming to talk to us. Immediately they start interrogating us.


The women thought they complied with the rule to keep working (Photo: Tom Maddick / SWNS).

I said we came with different cars, we even parked in two car parks and even brought a drink. He said: You can’t, because it’s classified as a picnic.

Her friend, Eliza Moore, said she was so surprised that she didn’t call the police or give her contact details so they could pass on the fine.

The former chief of police in Durham stated that the decision to fine two women in an isolated place would affect the public’s perception of law enforcement.

Mike Barton said something about breakfast: Personally, I think Derbyshire will pull out of that position, but unfortunately some damage is being done here because, in order to respect the law, citizens have to think and see that the police behave honestly. This is called procedural justice.

If the police don’t behave honestly, the public won’t abide by it. It is very good that some people in Whitehall, by breaking their swords and hitting the table, that the police enforce these rules, it does not lead to compliance. The public sees justice.

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