The animated series Peacemaker premiered on the DC Universe streaming service and released a controversial character who has been described as “a fascist, nationalist figure.” This new villain is based off of comic book hero Oliver Queen.

Peacemaker is a new show that debuted on the Paramount Network. The show focuses on John Cena, a former professional wrestler who has taken up arms and become an agent for peace in the world. However, the show has been met with controversy as it features a villainous character from DC Comics. Read more in detail here: peacemaker john cena.

Peacemaker Premiere Debuts a Controversial DC Comics Villain



On Thursday, the first three episodes of DC’s Peacemaker premiered, continuing the strange saga of the eponymous antihero in the DC world. The live-action series, which takes place after the events of The Suicide Squad, delves into the world of Christopher Smith / Peacemaker (John Cena) while also tying in some intriguing DC Comics references. That was particularly true for the second episode of the series, which featured a startling — and divisive — comic-book villain. Below are spoilers for Peacemaker’s second episode, “Best Friends, Never.” If you really want to know, just look!

Auggie Smith (Robert Patrick), the main character’s father, was one of the new characters featured in Peacemaker’s premiere. The first episode focused on Chris and Auggie’s tumultuous relationship, with Auggie taking a conservative and hostile stance on many of his son’s misadventures. It is revealed that Auggie is intimately engaged in Chris’ vigilantism as Peacemaker, since he constructs the numerous metal helmets he wears on the field.

Peacemaker mistakenly murdered a lady with extraterrestrial inclinations and links to the enigmatic Project Butterfly over the course of the first two episodes, putting the authorities on his track. Following a series of events, John Economos (Steve Agee) doctored the evidence in order to frame Auggie for the murder, resulting in his arrest and incarceration. Auggie was placed in jail in the second episode’s last scene, and was instantly embraced by some of his fellow inmates, who started bowing and saluting in his respect — and referring to him as “the White Dragon.”

The White Dragon has been a mantle adopted by different white supremacist villains throughout the years, which connects Auggie to an unexpected portion of DC Comics history. The mantle initially appeared in 1941’s Flash Comics #23, but William Heller, created by John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell in 1987’s Suicide Squad #4, is the most well-known incarnation. Heller was a Neo-Nazi who donned an ostentatious set of armor while performing racial vigilantism. He finally came up against the Suicide Squad and momentarily joined the squad, only to be killed. Daniel Ducannon, the character’s second incarnation, was likewise a white supremacist who became Hawkman’s foe. 

While Peacemaker’s father isn’t usually affiliated with the White Dragon mantle in the comics, this is an intriguing twist on his usual status quo. His father (called Wolfgang Schmidt) is a genuine Nazi who was active in World War II and murdered himself on Chris’ fifth birthday in the 1988 Peacemaker comic miniseries. Chris was devastated by the incident as an adult, and was tormented by real images of his father, which drove him to battle for peace. While we’ll have to wait and see how the White Dragon mantle is used on the program, it’s certainly an intriguing twist right from the bat.

Peacemaker premieres new episodes every Thursday on HBO Max.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Peacemakers villain?

A: The Peacemakers villain is the player.

Who is Auggie Smith Peacemaker?

A: Auggie Smith is the protagonist in the movie, The Messenger (2009).

Whos Peacemakers dad?

A: This question is not applicable to the game.

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