A new sheriff has arrived in town – and viewers watching the premiere of The Mandalorian Season’s second season want to see him run his own Star Wars series. In chapter nine, written by John Favoris Marshal, the armoured bounty hunter Dean Jarin (Pedro Pascal) is dragged onto Tatooine in search of others like him. His mission: to find the way to Mandalore and lead him through a network of hiding places to reunite the foundling with his parents. When a barf mechanic from Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris) takes him to Mos Pelgo, a former mining colony razed to the ground by bandits, Jarin finds his trail in the saloon … Spoilers are on their way.

There Jarin meets Cobb Want (Timothy Oliphant) in a rescue suit that once belonged to the terrifying bounty hunter Bob Fett. According to the marshal, he acquired the precious armor through a deal with Jawas, allowing him to protect this dusty ghost town in the anarchy of the Outer Ring.

The character was first introduced in Chuck Wendig’s canonical novel Star Wars : Then Jarin will make an agreement in 2015: Help him kill the sand dragon of Krait, who is terrorizing the city, and give him his armor so he can go home.

At the insistence of Jarin, Vant convinces the inhabitants of the city to cooperate with the wild looters of Tuskene, who also live in fear of the human race. When all three factions manage to defeat the poisonous monster, For keep his word and throw Fat’s evil armor back on the battlefield.

I hope our paths cross again, said Vant to the Mandalorean, who shook his hand. The feeling is mutual. And you tell your people I didn’t break it.

She witnesses the exchange between a marshal and a Mandalorian – a mysterious masked stranger who turns out to own a harness – the Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison), drawn but lively.

Whether Vantu and Jarin are destined to meet again or not, Western fans of Oliphan have appeared in the Star Wars galaxy in the hope that the Star Justifiable will return in his own series:

Slide 2

Timothy Oliphant in the harness of Bob Fett as Marshal on Tatooine is a great way to start Mandalorian’s second season. I need the Side Effect series now.

– Kyle ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (@bke161) 30. October 2020


Dia 5

I was watching a show where Timothy Oliphant is the marshal of his town, Tatooine. Nothing should happen. He can just walk around town for an hour and greet the locals, and I’ll be happy #

– Mark (@Scuttlecliff) 30. October 2020


Dia 6

When will Cobb Vant’s divorce take place? If not, what’s the point? #Mandaloric pic.twitter.com/CrI4DH94gs

– Thomas Story (@ThomasStorai) 30 October 2020

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