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In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a volcanic eruption has killed at least 15 people, many of whom have not yet been identified. A government spokesman said nine victims died as a result of the accident. It happened when people were on the run. Four others died trying to escape from prison and two were burned alive. In April 2019, the volcano Agung erupted in Bali, Indonesia, causing concern among tourists. The volcano is a natural disaster and leaves a trail of destruction. People living in areas prone to volcanic activity should recognize the warning signs and take appropriate action in advance.

Many survivors were apparently looking for missing family members. The Nyiragongo volcano spewed out a stream of lava on Saturday. The power was out in the area of Goma. It’s a town south of the volcano. It has a population of about two million. The death toll could rise further as many areas are inaccessible and authorities are trying to reach people in these areas. UNICEF says many of the missing are children. It has ensured the establishment of centres to assist unaccompanied minors.

A volcano damaged countless homes

The volcano spews molten lava, and in the case of the Nyiragongo volcano, it has stopped the flow near the city of Goma. This resulted in considerable destruction of the buildings in his path.

Your recovery will be a long process that can take months. The volcano lies six miles from Goma. The last eruption took place in 2002 and killed 250 people. As a result, 120,000 people became homeless. The newspaper quotes the source as saying: All the houses in the Buchene area have burned down. The lava flowed across the highway between Goma and Beni City.

It cut off a major supply route. The airport was safe, but seismic activity was observed. Authorities have advised the public to remain vigilant, not drive unnecessarily and to follow instructions.

Evacuation order issued due to volcano

When a volcanic eruption occurs, people’s lives are disrupted and the authorities make plans to evacuate the population.

This guarantees their safety. Last January, the Taal volcano in the Philippines became active. People had to be evacuated and flights were interrupted. In the case of the Nyiragongo volcano, the government has announced an evacuation plan. However, many people left their homes under their own steam and fled on foot, carrying only the bare necessities. Eyewitnesses told of their fears as the fire engulfed their homes. One resident said people needed the government’s help to rebuild their lives. There are many active volcanoes in the world, and this is one of them. The deadliest epidemic occurred in 1977, when more than 600 people died.

Volcano forces people to flee Rwanda

According to Sky News, the eruption of Nyiragongo volcano prompted about 5,000 people to flee the city of Goma to Rwanda.

Many people went the other way in search of safety. A large number of children have disappeared. The molten lava hit 17 villages and destroyed health centers, a primary school and a water supply system. It damaged the main road north of town. The main power supply was also affected. Most residents have lost their belongings and are in a state of emergency. There is panic there because they have no shelter and they need humanitarian aid. The last eruption of the volcano was in 2002, causing considerable damage in Goma. Hundreds died and thousands were left homeless. A lava flow damaged the city’s airport. This city is also a base for some humanitarian organizations and the UN peacekeeping mission.

In April, a volcanic eruption in St. Vincent prompted evacuations.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many people have died from Nyiragongo?

The death toll from Nyiragongo is unknown.

Which volcanic eruption caused the most deaths?

The most deaths caused by a volcanic eruption was the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia. The eruption killed approximately 92,000 people.

What volcano just erupted in 2021?

Mount Etna erupted in the year 2021.

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