The LSU-Auburn, which starts Saturday afternoon (15.30 ET, CBS), will not be the most regular game in the history of the series. This season the teams are together at 5-4 and after the start of the season they are in sixth and eleventh place in the AP survey, both of which are not yet ranked.

Of course, there are stories to follow – will Auburn continue his winning streak after two strange things in a row? Will LSU newcomer KB TJ Finley continue to play against the Tigers in the quarrel with the quarterback? — But instead of looking forward, we should use this as an excuse to look back.

Let’s talk about Cam Newton and Joe Burrow.


University football is fortunate to have an increasing number of exciting quarter-final seasons. The 2010’s were full of it, from youngsters who immediately exceeded all expectations (James Winston of Florida 2013), to old blue chips that got their breasts back after the transfer (Kyler Murray of Oklahoma 2018), to relatively unsuccessful successes (Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M 2012, Lamar Jackson of Louisville 2016).

But neither aroused the imagination as the duo captured the decade. In 2010, while Auburn only won 13 races in the previous two seasons, Cam Newton, the Pancake transfer to Florida, released racestats we had never seen before that led the Tigers to a spectacular 14-0 campaign and a national title. In 2019, Joe Burrow brought LSU out of the Stone Age by taking the offensive with his new main attacker and body killer, with 5,671 yards and 60 touchdowns in the 15-0 championship race.

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They both had a lot of personality and they gave us something we had never seen before. And the fact that they are remembered more in a magical race than in their entire career only reinforces their legend.

When did you know you saw something special?

And now the moment all Tiger fans have been waiting for, the arrival of Cam Newton.

For example, Fox Sports Net presenter Bob Ratban announced Newton’s admission to the grounds of Jordan Hare Stadium for his first Auburn home in 2010. Newton was a five-star, five-foot-ten, 250-pound recruiter who was once considered Tim Tebow’s successor. His departure from Florida had a history, and his recruitment will soon be investigated by the NCAA. But after the recent offensive battle of the program, its signing was considered a very big deal. And somehow we still had no idea what was going to happen.

In his debut against Arkansas at Burned Orange and his naval debut, Newton stormed 171 yards and two touchdowns and three of his nine completed passes also went into the net. In his fourth race against South Carolina he combined 210 passes and 198 meters of speed. In Game 8 against LSU he threw for 217, and in Game 13 against LSU he threw for 217. In the back game against South Carolina for the SEC title, he threw for 335.

Although this became more and more common over the decade, Newton was the first player to combine 2,800 and 1,400 passing yards in one season, with an average of 200 to 100 passing yards. And he did it with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which reached its current defensive peak: Alabama won first place in the defensive SP+ in 2009 and 2011, and LSU and Florida were in the top 10 four times between 2008 and 2012.

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The Burrow Run started in 2019 with much less fanfare. He was okay in 2018, his first season since leaving Ohio, but he finished the season with half the passes in the yards and less than a third of the TD he will reach in 19. The most important off-season action was that the Tigers moved towards a more modern, proliferation-like offensive system. Many could hardly believe it – LSU was best known as one of the last suppliers of the Bigs, Berly Manbola, and had scored only 10 points in their last three games against Bama.

In 2019 the Tigers scored 46 points in Tuscaloos.

After lighting up Texas with 471 yards and four touchdowns in an exciting off-conference victory, Barrow covered 293 yards in a 42-28 victory over Florida (seventh place in defensive SP+) and then 321 yards in a difficult victory over Auburn (ninth place). If you stayed any longer, you’d be shocked by what he did in Tuscaloosa: Barrow’s victory over Alabama 46:41 (third) saw him 31:393 yards and three points for another 64 yards in a hurry. A month later he throws for 349 and four TDs against Georgia (at the start). How do you do that? After 60-for-88 for 956 yards, 12 TD and uninterrupted in two university football playoff matches.

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Discover the highlights of an incredible season for Joe Barrow, in which the LSU CB won the national championship and the Heisman Cup.


After an LSU touchdown in Texas and a collision with the third and 17th, Burrow dropped Justin Jefferson to the ground to catch him and put him on ice for 61 yards. When the Tigers took a seven-point lead against Florida, he regained the lead and scored a 54-yard goal against Ja’marr Chase. Three at Auburn, with offensive splashes for the first time this season, he transformed a third and eight foot, then an ice game with a 7-yard run. And when Alabama recovered from a huge deficit in Tuscaloosa, he gave the Tigers two touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

Barrow was glued when he needed it. Newton should be stuck for most of the damn season.

  • After two passes in the first half of a Mississippi touchdown, Auburn played most of the second half 17-14 and kept most of the fourth quarter in reserve.
  • Auburn took Clemson 17-3 for Dabo Piggy in the second half and then charged him back to win overtime.
  • In the fourth quarter, the Tigers South Carolina crossed in 27:21 and then scored two late TDs to win.
  • Against Kentucky they took 17 points, but they raced in the last seven minutes of the game and then scored the winning goal.
  • They followed Arkansas Bobby Petrino 43:37 and then scored the last 28 points of the game.
  • In the fourth quarter, a 17-17 draw against LSU, they played five minutes, dropped sales and ate the last 3 hours.
  • They transferred the deficit to the fourth quarter against Georgia at 21:7 with a 35:31 head start and a seven-minute touchdown.
  • They saw Alabama’s 24-0 lead in the Iron Bowl, then scored four touchdowns in six rounds to get ahead, which they won’t give up.
  • After Oregon’s return in the BCS draw, they pushed 73 yards in 2:27 (using Michael Dyer’s wrist to score the title zone goal at the end of time.

Champion teams tend to be dominant; Auburn felt uncomfortable in almost two thirds of his matches in the fourth quarter and still won them all.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Film Cam Newton led Auburn with a 24-0 deficit to beat his 2010 Alabama opponent with 28-27 points. John Reed/U.S. Sports today.

Conveyor castings

Although neither Alabama nor USC, Auburn is one of the most reliable national recruitment forces. Secondly, it is rather unpleasant to note that few Tigers in the only national team in the last 60 years to have won the title had decent talent. Of Auburn’s starters in the national championship, only Newton, Nick Fairley’s defensive grip and NFL linebacker Josh Bynes will see their start time extended, and only Newton, Fairley, Brandon Mosley’s offensive grip and Zack Clayton’s defensive grip in general will be designs.

Despite the fact that some of the USL incumbents returned to Baton Rouge (at least initially) between 2019 and 2020, their incumbent team has already dismissed 12 conscripts and five newcomers. Even their long-legged sniper, Blake Ferguson, was selected in the sixth round. In his first seven games, Clyde Edwards-Helerr received 1,100 yards for the rookies defending the Super Bowl champion, Jefferson received 467 yards in his last four games for the Vikings, linebacker Patrick Queen received 10 yards in a loss for the Ravens, and six others started at least one game.

This was before players like Corner Derek Stingley Jr. or Broadband Receivers Ja’marr Chase or Terrace Marshall Jr. were even on the team. In 2010, Auburn had much more talent, but LSU was at a whole new level.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Joe Barrow celebrates after LSU’s victory at Alabama last season. Todd Kirkland/Getty Pictures

Attack of the day

Coach Ed Orgeron has hired Joe Brady to coordinate a pre-USL passing game in 2019, and his hiring has filled most of the remaining gaps in the Run Options (RPO) game at the College of Football. Initially, the OPO flourished by using defenders in the areas that ran and passed, but they reacted badly to the threat of flight.

Brady’s influence extended to both Joe Murhead’s RPO at Penn State and Sean Peyton-Drew Bree’s attack on the west coast of the New Orleans Saints. He connected the human attack tracks to the RPO structure, and the LSU broke down. In a way, it helped to fill the last gap in the propagation-attack revolution.

Gus Malzan did the same unique and exciting things with the Auburn bombing at the turn of the century.

When Malzhan arrived in Plain as offensive coordinator Gene Chisik, he had already led a quiet footballing life. After 15 years of high school coaching, he jumped out of school in Springdale, Arkansas in 2006 and improved the pig attack from 46th to 16th place in the SP+ attack. In 2007-08 he broke off a tense relationship with head coach Houston Nutt and led Tulsa’s #19 and #12 attacks. Cheesician brought him to Auburn in 2009, and even without Newton the Tigers went from 94th to 16th place in the SP+ offensive in one year.

In 2010 they were first far away.

Auburn presented endless positions and matches in defense, as was the case when Maljean took the Tigers to the BCS championship match in 2013 as head coach. Thanks to the fame of YouTube, I came back and only got the first shot of each game. Each first piece was characterized by its unique structure and game.

After the move his first blow showed a rotation of eight times, two times three times and three times three times in the backfield. On five occasions (three times with a single back, but twice with multiple backs also in the backfield) they offered the rifle, and their receivers were aligned five times and scattered nine times. They suggested four receivers, each with two WRs in each direction, and went 3×1 (or 1×3) four times. One day they stood in a tight line and laid his hand on the ground. It was different, and you didn’t know whether they were going to attack you with a horizontal pass, with a shot in the field, or most likely with a ball between the grenades against a turn of defense.

While the odds on mileage and decision making on the fourth drop were slightly different than today – Auburn spent the entire season trying to bet only eight quarters on the downswing, and placed six bets on the fourth and-1 or -2… with CAM NEWTON! — …it was Malzan’s distilled vision that resulted in one of the best buyouts in college. It was unique and exciting in many ways, just like last season at LSU, perhaps even more exciting.


It’s not just the crime that’s changed in the last ten years. Of course from 2014 we finally got the chance to participate in the football qualifications after forty decades of nostalgia for university football. It is interesting to reflect on what the FPS has done for Burrow’s legacy and what it could have done for or against Newton.

University football qualifications 2010

We would have had a big fight over the 2010 play-offs. The invincible Auburn and Oregon would have been easy to hit, but the other two spots would probably have been held by the 12-0 Mountain West TSU champion, the 11-1 Wisconsin Big Ten champion, the 11-1 Stanford Pac-10 winner and the 11-1 Ohio State team that lost to Wisconsin.

The TCU was third in the BCS rankings, but since the CFP committee didn’t even seriously consider a midway victory in the top four, and since the horned frog’s best victory outside the conference was 7-5 Baylor, I bet they’ll finish in fourth place. Suppose Wisconsin is third and the TCU fourth, partly because Oregon has already split from Stanford 52-31 in the regular season.

This means that before he can shoot Wisconsin or (possibly) Oregon in the final, Auburn would have to solve TSU’s tricky 4-2-5 defense. Maybe it was another feather in the cap… …or the ability to mourn. This TCU team was terribly hard, and the seven scariest words in football are Gary Patterson, whose preparation lasted a month.

2019 Г. FOR N.D.

In history, we finally got the play-offs because in 2011, thanks to the BCS process, we had a LSU-Bama return match that no one really wanted to watch. It’s safe to say that if we were still scrolling BCS in 2019, we probably wouldn’t scroll after 2019. Either the invincible LSU, the invincible Clemons, or the invincible Ohio State would have been out of the game for the national championship title, and judging by the fact that the polls and the primary computers were up after a week of championship play, I’m sure Clemons, the invincible defending champion, would have been number 3.

Even if Clemson had defeated Bucky, LSU would almost certainly have been defeated. That would have robbed us of an historic semifinal against Oklahoma. This overwhelming victory was his trademark. The Tigers would probably have won the national title anyway, but Burrow’s figures would have been a little less dirty in the end.

Who do you have?

The best thing about the debate between Cam and Burreaux is that there is no way to prove you wrong, no matter who had the best season or who you prefer. They have played in different styles of attack, in very different eras, with different talents in their environment. Pick who you want, but I’m really, really happy that we can both watch.

I’m taking Cam for a simple reason: What would happen if they were in opposite teams? (Not literally, because Newton suffered most of last season and Burrow was 13 in 2010).

The Newton-led LSU team has yet to be defeated in the 2019 season, and we have never seen such positions before. But does Auburn do the same in Barrow? Is it inconsistent with the fact that Newton was the best passer-by – he has now gone to Darwin Adams, Terrell Zakiri, Emory Blake and, in the red zone, Philip Lutzenkirchen, not Chase, Jefferson and company – that Newton threatened to throw at 200 metres as he did at 300? Burrow could have taken the first run when needed, but he wasn’t a 250-pound bulldozer and wasn’t automatically third and fourth.

You know what? I hate that answer. Don’t make me choose. Let me get insurance instead: If I have to win a contest, put Joe on the phone. If I have to score points on a trip, let me, Cam.

Reading list Week 9

Here are the games of the 10. Week 9 – at least one of each time period – which you should pay attention to if you want to get the most out of the weekend, both from the point of view of information and entertainment.

Still east.

Friday evening

South Carolina to Tulsa (21:00, ESPN2). Neither the Chancemakers nor the JV+ have so far discovered the quality of Tulsa in 2020. Can the Golden Hurricane remove the ECU and keep the title of CAA Dark Horse?

Saturday morning

Memphis the 7th. December in Cincinnati (noon, ESPN). So far Cincinnati has done well, but the Memphis offense gives the Tigers a chance in every game.

State of Michigan, Number 13, Michigan (noon, Fox). Could Wolverine Jim Harbo continue his exciting performance against Minnesota last week? Does Sparty have anything to offer after last week with Rutgers?

Kansas, 16, West Virginia (noon, ESPN2). K State doesn’t score any style points, but the Wildcats can take the next step to the Big 12 title by getting a little excited in Morgan Town.

Saturday day

17 Indiana to Rutgers (3:30 p.m., Big Ten Network). Few teams have waited longer than Indiana for a real decisive victory; now that the Husseirs are talking (last week against Penn State), are they building on that victory or are they playing with a hangover?

Texas, Oklahoma-6 (4:00 p.m., Fox). The attack in Texas will be the biggest test so far for the amazing USO protection.

Saturday evening

Number 3 in the state of Ohio at no. 18 Penn State (7:30, ABC). The extent of the ASP loss is tainted, but the Nittani Lions are even more likely than anyone else to lose the 2020 conference.

Arkansas, 8 Texas A&M (7:30 p.m., SEC network). A&M has improved in the last few weeks, but Arkansas is a proven nuisance.

10 Missouri, Florida (7:30 p.m., Secretary of State for Securities and Exchange). Kyle Trask and the blaster attack of the Gators continue, but if the defense of Florida continues to fight, Mizzou could shoot for the third straight.

Late week Saturday

West Kentucky number 11 BYU (10:15, ESPN). The WKU was rather disappointing compared to what was expected in the preseason, but the defence of the Hilltopers could still upset Zack Wilson and Puma a bit (the attack, not so much).

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