On Sunday Bam Adebayo gave his mother a birthday present for her whole life. After years of wrestling in a single trailer, Adebayo bought a house from her mother, Marilyn Blount, which she owned.

Just a few weeks after signing a five-year extension, which could have yielded him almost $200 million if he had climbed a few escalators, Adebayo surprised his mother with a memorable gift for his 56th birthday.

My mother never had anything to blame herself for, Adebayo said in a video conference with reporters on Monday. So when I grew up and I was able to do something different with basketball and become a special player, it was something I always dreamed of and wanted to do. And doing it for my mom is a great experience.

Adebayo posted photos of his holiday on social networks and couldn’t hide the joy he felt after achieving the goal he had set for himself and his mother. His feelings for surprising his mother were similar to those he had experienced on the basketball court.

I was so nervous, Adebayo said. Because I’ve never given her such a gift before. I felt the same way when I first entered the finals. I didn’t know what to expect. Right now, I don’t know anything. It was like one of those awful moments when you just sit there for a minute. And she loved it.

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Adebayo’s gesture of love, which his close circle of friends and family helped him reach in just five days, became a conversation with the organization in Miami after the second day of Heath’s training.

Their relationship is so special, says Eric Spelstra, heating coach. He makes us all look bad. Now I feel guilty. I have a great relationship with my mother, and I didn’t do anything like that – something to show her how much I care and love her, but now I will. I looked like… It’s a beautiful relationship that just gives you an idea of who Bam is, as a person, as a son. And what’s really important to him in this life…

Adebayo, who placed a photo of the caravan in which he grew up with his mother for years in Heat’s safe, made sure that the photo of the caravan hung proudly next to the front door of his mother’s house.

I wanted it on the front door because I wanted everyone to see where we really came from, Adebayo said. And it doesn’t matter who comes in. You’ll always see this picture. My goal was that everyone could see where we really came from. And I grew up with what I’ve been through, with the struggle to give my mother a new cradle and with the circumstances in which she lived. So that’s what it’s all about.

After seeing the strong bond he had built with his mother over the years, his teammates were very happy with the pictures and the reaction Adebayo had brought about.

That’s why star Jimmy Butler talked about Adebayo’s relationship with his mother. I think their connection is the best, and I think the way he plays, the passion, that everything, comes from somewhere. And it’s coming from her. I like it. He had it on his mind. She deserved it. And like I said, it’s that guy who’s pushing us. He’s the driving force behind what we’re trying to do. And I’m grateful to be by his side to tell you the truth. I know he’ll get over it all the time. Much more than is planned for both.

Adebayo, 23, has earned the confidence and praise of his teammates and coaches for his work ethic since he was selected for 14th place in 2017. A place in the general Kentucky rankings has been called up. He earned what he got in the competition and has repeatedly credited his mother with the example and determination with which she helped Adebayo realize his own dream.

As soon as she had a priceless face in front of her, Adebayo told her to surprise her at home. Just to see that woman go through everything and finally take a break and be able to say that it’s mine and that it’s mine, it was something important to me. My mother never possessed anything, so I always wanted her to have something to say: It’s mine, and I loved it. … I wish she had 10 toes [sniffing] that this is my house.

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