We didn’t see or at least hear Anthony Daniels as C-3PO for the last time. The actor has played this role since Star Wars’ debut in the pop culture landscape in 1977. Since then, the expert in the relationship between man and port has been one of the most important elements of the franchise system. And Daniels won’t retreat. Not now, never.

Although the Skywalker Rise trilogy was completed last year, it still contains many images of Star Wars. The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special will soon be released at Disney+, where Anthony Daniels will once again play the legendary droid. Daniels is expected to play a role in Lego Star Wars again: The Skywalker video game saga is coming next year. When Daniels was recently questioned about his resignation from C-3PO, he had to answer this question.

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No, I’m never retiring. You’re gonna have to throw me out… Life isn’t over yet, films can stay in the background at 3PO for a very long time, I think. But there are other media, especially now that there are digital formats, and I am so happy, so grateful and so proud to be a part of that.

It is true that Disney takes a long break from the big screen franchise, but there is a lot of Star Wars content in the pipeline. So Lucasfilm has enough possibilities to use C-3PO. Besides Mandalorian, who is in the middle of season two and is preparing for season three, there are several live shows for Disney+, such as the Obi-Wan Kenobi series and the predecessor of Rogue One. There’s also a by-product of the clone war, the Bad Party.

Anthony Daniels has starred in almost every living Star Wars film, in one capacity or another, as C-3PO. He and R2-D2 made a short performance in Rogue One and recorded all entries of the Skywalker saga. The only live film Daniels hasn’t been in is Solo. In addition, the actor took part in animated performances of the Clone Wars and the rebels. I don’t think any other actors could say they’re as much part of the fabric of Star Wars as Daniels.

The question of whether or not we will see C-3PO in action is very different. At the moment there are no indications that he will participate in exhibitions of the works. As for the other film, in December 2023 at Disney, the untitled Star Wars will be released, and other films will be released in December 2025 and December 2027. Little is known about each of them, except that Taika Vaititi (Tor: Ragnarok) is co-author and director. But if there’s room for a C-3PO, Anthony Daniels would be happy to take the call. This message will be sent to us via CinemaBlend.

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