As a result, former Vice President Joe Biden’s initial results in some of the most competitive states may seem too rosy before they are more representative of the actual outcome. In other states, Mr. Trump can see the first leads slowly decreasing as the ballots are counted.

It wouldn’t be a sign of fraud or misconduct. Rather, it reflects the way states count votes. Some states process the first bulletins first and report them early at night, while others keep them for later. Here is a brief description of what to look for in the most important countries.

Some people call this a red mirage or a blue shift, where the first results are in favor of the Goat, but the subsequent moods make things clear and can even help Biden move forward when all results are counted.

Such dynamism is expected in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where the absent ballots are not processed until election day. The first waves of results are likely to come from ballot papers submitted on election day and from areas outside the state that are likely to favour the bait.

As absenteeism votes are counted late on Tuesday evening and larger cities report more votes, or even in the following days, the national vote count could shift to Biden.

Experts also believe this will happen in Michigan. The two-party agreement gave local officials an extra day to process the absenteeism votes for the voting day, which is useful, but not enough to reliably count the votes on the voting night. Government officials have warned that it will take several days…

Similarly, in Minnesota there may be a red mirage that deceptively resembles Trump’s direction. Minnesota was one of the states most likely to lose to Trump in 2016, and it hopes to overtake him this year, although it lags behind in the polls.

Probable change from blue to red

Some call it a blue mirage or a red shift. Subsequently, the first waves of results are disproportionately favourable for the bidders, and even more favourable asset surveys follow later. This is likely to happen in states that start processing votes by post a few weeks before election day.

The most critical states where experts think this is going to happen are Florida and North Carolina. Election officials in these states say the first results to be announced after the polls close will be large parties voting in absentia and in person, which has been very beneficial for the Democrats. At night, the ballots will be released on election day so Trump can increase his lead.

The same momentum is expected in Texas, Ohio and Iowa, mainly for the same reasons. They will quickly release the results of the historic elections on election day, which will probably help Biden.

This will probably happen in Nevada, which does things differently this year. Nevada sends the ballots automatically by mail to all registered voters, although personal voting is still possible.

Unclear situation or expected delay missing

In some other important countries the situation is worse.

In Georgia, some districts report a large number of absences immediately after the polling stations close, but in other districts this does not happen immediately. We don’t know exactly how it’s going on election night…

In Arizona radical changes took place after the 2018 Senate elections. Officials have taken measures to avoid this year and the census should be faster. There could be less time between the publication of the results of the postal vote and the ballot papers on the day of the vote, which would reduce the risk of mirages.

In addition, in New Hampshire and Maine, local officials will mix absences and daily bulletins before the results are released, so there will be no delays. These states prefer Biden, but the race for the vote is tough in the Second District Congress of the state of Maine.

Jennifer Agista, Stephanie Becker, Aaron Cooper, Annie Greyer, Sarah Jorgensen, Caroline Kenny, Ashley Killow, Pamela Kirkland, Adam Levy, Kathy Lobosco, Jason Morris, Sarah Murray, Bob Ortega, Leslie Perrault, Taylor Romin, Devon Sayers and Gregory Wallace contributed to this report.

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