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High unemployment in the South, security problems and the economic impact of the Covida 19 pandemic are issues that voters want to address.

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Mr Akoufo-Addo Rawling’s support was a source of dissatisfaction within the opposition party and cost them votes.

More than 80,000 NDC supporters in different districts of the party’s stronghold, Wolta, did not participate in the 2016 elections, Mahama Pijinu said.

Prior to Rawlings’ death, the NDC had worked to build a relationship with him, and now party officials say they are certain to prevent a repeat of the apathy of four years ago.

But there may be complications: The widow of former President Nana Konadu Agjeman-Rolings is a presidential candidate for the National Democratic Party (NDP).

3. First choice without self-defense groups

There is some relief in the country that the elections are not marred by clashes provoked by politicians involved in civil justice.

A law passed last year with the support of all parties outlawed vigilance, resulting in a prison sentence of at least 10 years. So far, the law has had a deterrent effect after the events leading up to the elections.

The two main political parties are responsible for recruiting young, muscular men trained in quasi-security, allegedly to secure the elections.

Instead, they have built their reputation through intimidation and violence against their opponents.

4. Separatism of West Togo

However, one of the shadows hanging over the elections are the separatist groups that have reinforced the call for Ghana’s independence to establish their own country, West Togo.


The question of self-determination was raised again in 2017 – after almost two decades of suspension – when two more groups of dissident activists were formed.

In September, one of the new groups, the Western Front for the Recovery of Togoland (FFRT), carried out its first violent attacks in the history of the separatist movement.

He set up roadblocks, attacked a police station, seized weapons and burned down a bus station.

In the run-up to the elections, the government sent troops to the Volta area to prevent the elections from being disrupted.

5. EcoVas register deleted

In the run-up to the elections, the Ghanaian Electoral Commission drew up a new electoral roll to remove foreigners suspected of being on the Ekovas register, with reference to the West African regional bloc, of which Ghana is a member.

To ensure security, the army was deployed in June to opposition strongholds in border towns in the Volta area in preparation for voter registration.

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The inscription on Jean Mensa’s photograph refuted the accusations of bias against people in opposition strongholds.

The NDC accused the Commission of attempting to deny voting rights to persons of dual nationality, in particular those of Ghanaian and Togolese nationality.

The president of the electoral commission, Jean Mensa, rejected the accusations of bias against the inhabitants of the Volta region.

In Monday’s election, two million more voters will have the right to vote, compared to four years ago.

In 2016, the Ghanaian election commission was praised worldwide for supervising a competent election process.

The authorities are aware of this reputation and will do their utmost to ensure that it lives up to expectations.

6. Campaign under Kovid-19

The pandemic has changed the way campaigns are conducted, a situation that has disappointed politicians and the public.

Instead of noisy, colourful and lively mass gatherings, political parties have usually used tweets, memes and videos on social networks to sell their messages.

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Image Heads In recent days, despite the restrictions on coronaviruses, rallies have been held.

The main political parties fought against this on Twitter and Facebook, by publishing and exchanging counter-messages.

Radio, television and mass SMS were also used for the campaign.

But in the final days of the election campaign, when politicians gathered with masses of voters, caution was questioned. There are now fears of a coronavirus surgeon.

Ghana has reported more than 50,000 cases of Kovid 19 infection with at least 300 casualties.

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