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The state of Florida is being sued by a group of environmentalists for allegedly violating state law when it privatized its water management system for the Everglades.

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Kyle Lowry trade

Getty The Miami Heat are being investigated by the NBA for potential tampering violations in Kyle Lowry’s (L) sign-and-trade transaction with the Toronto Raptors.

A fresh NBA inquiry may shut down the whole party before the champagne has even warmed up from celebrating the Miami Heat’s extremely successful week of free agency transactions.

On Saturday, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski was the first to report that the Heat are being investigated for potential tampering violations during the sign-and-trade transaction that brought Kyle Lowry to Miami.

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“The NBA has launched an investigation into potential tampering violations involving two free agency sign-and-trade deals: New Orleans and Chicago for Lonzo Ball, and Toronto and Miami for Kyle Lowry,” Woj tweeted.

While it’s natural to roll your eyes when hearing such news, tampering is such a murky area in the NBA that it’s tough to prove one way or the other, the ramifications if the Heat are found guilty are serious.

Wojnarowski tweeted that potential penalties include fines, bans, and the loss of draft choices. “Team executives’ communications, including as phone records, messages, and emails, may also be randomly audited.”

For tampering, the NBA may levy fines of up to $10 million.

“No individual may, directly or indirectly… attract, induce, convince, or try to entice, induce, or persuade any Player who is under contract to, or whose exclusive negotiation rights are held by any other Member of the Association,” according to Article 35A of the league’s constitution. According to the paper, penalties for breaking this anti-tampering regulation may include suspension, forfeiture, or transfer of draft choices, as well as fines of up to $10 million.

“These are not mild sanctions—if only they were imposed,” Sports Illustrated legal expert Michael McCann said. That is the crux of the issue. Actual repercussions for tampering have been very mild.”

That’s why, according to McCann, the NBA’s Board of Governors unanimously agreed in 2019 to quadruple the possible punishment for tampering, bringing it up to the current eight figures.

According to the Los Angeles Times, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver stated after the board’s decision, “There was a strong view, I think, of every single person in the room that we need to ensure that we’re creating a culture of compliance in this league and that our teams want to know that they’re competing on a level playing field, and frankly, [teams] don’t want to feel disadvantaged if they are a member of the league.”

Pat Riley, the president of the Heat, was fined in June for violating anti-tampering rules.

Pat Riley, LeBron James

Pat Riley, the president of the Miami Heat, was fined $25,000 for breaking the NBA’s anti-tampering rule.

Following his remarks against Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, President Pat Riley was hit with a $25,000. Riley was fined $25,000 by the NBA on June 9, 2021 for breaking the league’s anti-tampering rule.

Riley made the remarks on “Le Batard and Friends” on June 4, one day after the Lakers were ousted from the playoffs in Game 6 against the Phoenix Suns.

Riley said that the door is open for LeBron to return to South Beach in the future. “If he would phone and let me know he’s coming, I’d put the key under the doormat,” he added. “I’d do it, but I’m not sure whether that key… that key is rusted now.”

Riley went on to say, “Look, LeBron is one of the best of all time.” “And for four years down here, if we simply want to recall what those four years were like — four years in the Finals, four years of excitement, two world championships — with LeBron, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Udonis [Haslem], all of them, we can. It was the Heat’s finest moment.

“So I wish him all the best, and if he ever wants to return, I’ll leave a fresh sparkling key under the mat for him.”

Riley was not surprised to be punished by the NBA; in fact, he indicated during the interview that he could be fined by the league for tampering. The 36-year-old former MVP is under contract with the Lakers until the 2022-23 season.

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