North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, has ordered officials to eliminate cats and pigeons in an effort to stop the country’s worst outbreak of contagious catarrhal fever (CVID). North Korea’s health ministry said on Saturday that the order came when officials confirmed that the spread of the disease was due to “unsanitary conditions” in the country. The disease, which is also known as cat-scratch fever, is caused by bacteria and viruses carried by rodents, including both wild and domesticated cats and pigeons. It can be fatal, with one in five people infected with the disease dying from the infection.

Over the past 60 years, Coal-Virus Disease (COVID), which causes white mites to infest the eyes of pigeons and cats, has been spreading rapidly among Korean cats and pigeons. In an effort to cut the spread of the disease among birds, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ordered officials to use cat and pigeon hunting dogs to eliminate the birds.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, North Korea has taken precautions to ensure the safety of its people. The country has a long border with neighboring China, and the virus originated there. Thus, one of North Korea’s first actions was to close its border to prevent the coronavirus from entering. This hurts the economy, as China is the main trading partner, which has led to a decline in trade. That was last year.

The Mirror UK reports that Kim Jong-un has ordered the elimination of cats and pigeons. He thinks these animals and birds are bringing the deadly virus from China to the border.

He’s worried they’re spreading the COVID-19 virus and wants to make sure that doesn’t happen. He cares about the safety of his people. As a result, municipal authorities shoot birds along the border. They are also looking for cats and their owners who do not want to part with them. It seems that a family that lived near the border was sent to an isolation ward for 20 days. It was a kind of punishment for raising a cat.

North Korea’s firm stance on thecoronavirus

The Hermit Kingdom has ordered the capture and destruction of pigeons and cats. This was a COVID-19 counter-proliferation exercise. Earlier this month, Kim Jong-un reportedly imposed a ban on Chinese medicines in the country’s main hospitals.

This happened after the death of one of the officers. The Mirror UK reports that the man, a bureaucrat, was in his 60s. He had a heart condition and was a close leader. North Korea says there are no confirmed cases of the coronavirus. It is a very secretive state, and it is difficult to confirm the actual situation. In all cases, the country prefers local medicines because it does not have access to foreign medicines.

This is due to sanctions imposed by the United Nations because of the country’s nuclear ambitions. Kim Jong-un wants relief from sanctions and has met with former US President Donald Trump. The stumbling block, however, is his insistence on nuclear weapons.

North Korea wants to preserve its own way of life

Kim Jong-un has banned clothing such as jeans and hairstyles. He wants to preserve the culture of the country and prevent the invasion of the capitalist way of life. According to him, those who adhere to such a fashion should be in labor camps. The Mirror UK quotes a local newspaper as saying that eccentric hairstyles and tight trousers could ruin the country. The paper notes that despite its economic and defensive strength, the country could become vulnerable if people do not maintain their own way of life. Recently, authorities publicly executed a man for illegally selling music and movies. Food shortages and lack of medical care have forced foreign diplomats to leave North Korea.

Northern officials shoot pigeons to prevent possible spread of COVID-19

According to the British newspaper Express, Kim Jong-un thinks the animals are carrying the pathogen across the border from China. Therefore, pigeons and alley cats should be eliminated. The State of the Hermits has issued the necessary orders to eliminate potential sources that could spread COVID-19. Major hospitals in the capital Pyongyang have also banned Chinese medicines. The country’s leader wants researchers to produce indigenous vaccines against the coronavirus instead of relying on vaccines produced in China. . It is clear that Kim Jong-un is concerned about the well-being of his people. Last July, the North declared a state of emergency in Kaesong after a coronavirus patient emerged there.

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