Let’s talk face-to-face games.

Only they don’t play on the field. The battles between the two teams we are talking about today take place behind closed doors (zoom?) within the University Qualifications Committee Football. We ask one question: If it were these two teams, which committee would choose in these specific scenarios?

To answer these questions, we rely on our trusted prophet, the Pleiff Allstate. Since it is a mathematical model based on the committee’s past behaviour, Predictor will not tell us definitively who would choose the committee, but will give his opinion in the form of probability. Sometimes she’s quite confident, in other situations she’s more likely to fall. But he’ll always have an opinion. Now, who’s coming in…

The undefeated USK against Notre Dame, who lost the CCA championship match.

The playoffs choose the game: Lean SSC

It can really go one way or the other. In the normal season, there is no shortage of opportunities – the undefeated Power 5 Conference Champion is in operation, but Pac-12’s shortened schedule means his Conference Champion won’t have the same curriculum vitae as schools in other conferences, sometimes even when those other schools are at a loss. And that’s the problem: We think Notre Dame will have a stronger record of defeat than the undefeated RSC.

But compared to Our Lady, the OSK will continue to have not one, but two things: Zero in the loser column and a conference championship. As mentioned before, the number of losses should not be included in the playoff prediction model because it already has a record strength. In the past, the Committee has placed more emphasis on the number of losses, regardless of the complexity of the picture.

Still, it’s close. Although Predictor thinks that the Trojans will be a (slightly) more likely choice, it wouldn’t be overwhelming if the committee eventually sided with the warring Irish.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Notre Dame won their first match against Clemson, but what could this potential defeat mean for the CCNR title match against the Irish Tigers? Matt CASHOR-USAN Sport

Undefeated BYU against two defeated Clemson champions.

Plejoff Allstate Predictor: Usually with a reservation.

The first part of this equation is very likely. No team can take an unbeatable regular season more than the BYU with 89% with two more games to go (including a round against North Albama). For Clemson, we expect to lose to Virginia Tech before we beat Notre Dame and win the ACC.

This gives rise to an extreme version of the Committee’s debates over the years: the best against the most worthy. There is not a soul in the world that claims that BYU is better than Clemson, even if the Tigers launch another game. But at the same time, it is much easier to say that BYU deserves a place in the playoffs by losing the undefeated and Clemson – a few defeats.

The play-off prophet believes the Puma’s have a good chance of winning this battle, while Clemson’s second defeat torpedoes the Tigers chances. But will the Clemson Commission apologise for the loss of Notre Dame, as Trevor Lawrence did not have it? Also, it seems impossible to hear the argument that the Tigers are in principle champions with one defeat, even though that would essentially mean that one of the best student football games of the season didn’t actually affect Clemson. This part does not fall within the competence of the prophet and is not taken into account. Without Lawrence’s argument, he thinks the BUU would have a solid advantage.

Cincinnati undefeated against Wisconsin, undefeated champion.

The prognosis for the playoffs indicates that Wisconsin is slim.

It is interesting because there is a whole amalgamation of factors that fly in different directions. We have Group 5 versus Force 5, which is usually not a question. But Cincinnati is invincible against a much longer draw than Wisconsin – in this scenario it would only be 6-1 and have a record strength worse than the Bearcats.

However, Allstate Pleiff Predictor believes that the Big Ten champion will have an advantage. But don’t forget: F.P.R. from head to toe looking for ties. She considers them the fourth best team in the country, largely based on a pre-season review, since Wisconsin has only played one game. If the badgers tripped on the way to 6-1, he could fall over.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Cincinnati enjoys one of the best seasons in the history of the program, but how can the undefeated Bear Cats team compete against the Big Ten with a loss in the eyes of the CFP selection committee? Joe Robbins/Getty pictures

Texas beat A&M 10-1, Oregon, champions of the game.

According to the president’s prediction: Texas A&M, I see.

The Allstate Playoff Predictor sympathizes with the chances of Pac-12 as long as the Pac-12 champion is invincible. This is due to the fact that the Committee adheres to the loss column. But if the Pac-12 champion grows, Predictor loses all connection to the conference. The short program without real elite victories means that the conference championship in Oregon will not be enough to earn the committee’s respect for Team A&M, which the SEC did not get but only lost to Alabama.

According to my resume, there is no shortage: A&M is expected to set one of the strongest records in the country with a 10:1 ratio in Alabama, Florida, Auburn and LSU, while the average SOR ranking in Oregon will be 13.

We lost the Oklahoma state champion to a non-Ohio state champion.

The playoff prognosticator says… The state of Ohio, which is very bad.

In fact, it’s too unlikely that Predictor can make an accurate call. The FPI believes that Oklahoma State is only the 18th best university soccer team, so the chances of a real victory are pretty slim. It is also a decision factor for the committee. Although we have noticed that the resume is more important than the quality of the team – and the state of Oklahoma will have an advantage here, both in terms of records and the conference championship – the latter plays a role. And this is one of the situations in which the State of Ohio, although not the champion in this game, is clearly the best team (Buckeyes is second in the FPI standings).

Lauren Poe contributed to this article.

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