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Week 15 of the NFL has some great games. Our NFL Nation reporters give us the keys to each game, a bold prediction for each game and the final score.

In addition, ESPN Stats & Information provides statistics for each match and an overview of current playoff scenarios, while the Football Power Index (FPI) crushes the figures with a match score (on a scale from 1 to 100) and a match forecast. Kyle Soppe from ESPN Fantasy and Dave Bearman from ESPN Chalk also distribute useful nuggets. Here you’ll find everything you need to prepare for a weekend of NFL football games.

The 15th week is a busy week, including the big contest between saints and chiefs.

Play the game:

Thursday: LAKE 30, LV 27


http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604431050_842_All-the-rumors-news-deals-and-reaction.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730562_712_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

Saturday, 4:30 p.m. ET | NFL Network
Compliance Rating : 49.3 | Distribution : BUF -6 (49)

What to look for: After losing five cornerbacks – four due to an injury and the suspension of A.J. Bouye – Denver has only had three in the last three weeks, and one of them (Nate Hairston) was removed from the Ravens’ coaching staff a week ago. The Bills have the third best passing offense in the league and quarterback Josh Allen has six 300-yard and two 400-yard games this season. -Jeff Legwold

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Bold prophecy: Stefon Diggs, the Buffalo receiver, will play hard on Saturday. With the Broncos in cornerback position, that prediction might not be so bold, but it could be: He will reach a new career age and exceed the 201 he needs to become the invoice recipient in one season. — Marcel Louis-Jacques

Figure it out urgently: Allen has a total QBR of 89.2 when faced with a blitz (five or more setters) this season. It is the sixth best result in the NFL and a significant improvement over the 54.2 QBR against the Blitzers in the first two seasons.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : Bills can slow down the eastern CFA in the event of a dolphin victory or defeat. But even they can’t secure a playground with a loss to the Ravens. The Broncos, on the other hand, are eliminated by a defeat, a victory for the Dolphins or a victory for the Ravens. They should celebrate their 11th birthday in April.

Injuries: Accounts | Broncos

What you need to know for a fantasy: Allen earned an average of 11.6% more fantasy points per game away from home than at home this season. See the ranking for week 15.

A fucking bet: Buffalo have completed each of the last five games. More information can be found here.

Louis-Jacques’ choice: Bill 34, Broncos 17Legwold : Accounts 26, Broncos 17
REIT Forecast : BUF, 62.3% (with an average of 4.2 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: I wanted more for myself: It’s a long drive from Diggs to Buffalo…… After a fight with COVID-19, Broncos DC Donatel makes a welcome return… Accounts are well defended and strike at the right time…. So much for the reconnaissance reports: Johnson Broncos, Jewell defies expectations Prosthetics magazines and Disneyland: The players on the score sheet fulfill the boy’s wish.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604431049_462_All-the-rumors-news-deals-and-reaction.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/NFL-Week-9-takeaways-stat-leaders.png

Saturday, 8:15 p.m. ET | NFL Network
Compliance Rating : 60.7 | Distribution : GB -9 (51.5)

What to look for: Look at the sidelines as the Packers score a touchdown or score a long goal on the field, and you’ll see part of the reason for Coach Matt LaFleur’s success: He stands there and celebrates with the players. Mind if something goes wrong and he’ll be right there to ask you why. LaFleur has found the balance, which has allowed him to reach a record 23-6 since his arrival in 2019. According to Elias’ Sports Office, if the Packers win on Saturday, he would become the sixth head coach to win at least 24 of his first 30 games, joining George Seifert (27), Guy Chamberlin (26), Paul Brown (25), George Halas (24) and Steve Mariucci (24). — Rob Demovsky

Bold prophecy: Panther quarterback Teddy Bridgewater threw over 300 yards and three touchdowns. He could be even bolder, and lead his first win of the season on final possession after going 0-7 in such scenarios so far. He set up Joey Slya’s winning goal with a deep pass to DJ Moore, the receiver. — David Newton

Figure it out urgently: Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will play nine games this season with at least three touchdown passes and zero interceptions, the most in the history of the NFL (Elias Sports Bureau). He’s currently in a triple series with these numbers.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Packers have locked themselves in NFC North and FPI gives them a 59% chance of securing first place in seeds and domestic fields in NFC. These odds would have increased to 71% if they had won or decreased to 23% if they had lost, regardless of other outcomes. The Panthers could be eliminated from the playoffs this weekend with a loss or a win against the Cardinals or the Bears. Carolina fans may be more interested in the fact that they have a 28.7% chance of going from the current seventh place to the Top 5.

Injuries: The Panthers | The Packers

What you need to know for a fantasy: Aaron Jones of Green Bay is the fourth best qualified rider in terms of points per touchdown (1.08) since 2018. He’s a solid runner (6.1 yards per carry in the last three games) and faces the fourth best running back defense since the start of last season. See the ranking for week 15.

A fucking bet: Green Bay is 4-0 against the spread (ATS) in prime time this season and Carolina is 4-12 in prime time since 2014 (0-1 ATS this season). More information can be found here.

Newton’s choice: Panthers 38, Packers 37Demovsky: Packers 31, Panthers 17
FPI Outlook : GB, 74.8% (average 8.9 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: Bridgewater assesses the Panther season as … Why the Packers are the favorite team of the NFC and (surprise) who can stop them … WR Moore, of the COVID-19 team, will play on Saturday…… Tongyang will be a productive meeting place the Packers have been looking for all this time… How a shot in August helped Rodgers on the path to a possible Packer MVP…

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Domonic Foxworth and Louis Riddick wonder why Aaron Rodgers is in his 16th season. The season should be considered the MVP of the competition.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730569_545_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730562_964_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET | Fox
Conformity assessment: 74.3 | deviation : TB -6 (49.5)

What to look for: When asked what’s going on with Matt Ryan, the Falcons quarterback usually answers with a strong hint. His passing score in his last five games (including two victories) was 112.1, 45.8, 75.3, 80.4 and 57.3. He’s everywhere. If Ryan wants to prove to Atlanta that he still has it and can be next season’s man, a strong rebound against Tampa Bay is the place to start. — Courtney Cronin

Bold prophecy: Defensively, the Bucks have three rescues in the red zone. They had two last weekend against the Vikings and three for the farewell week against the Chiefs. And despite all the positive changes made by coach Raheem Morris, the Falcons remain one of the worst offensive teams in the league, with an average of just 48.9 percent touchdown efficiency in the red zone (31st). The bill for them must come from the matches in the field. — Jenna Lane.

Figure it out urgently: In eight wins, Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady has been fired five times and is under pressure on 13% of his dropbacks. During this process he made 44% of his passes and threw more than 20 meters down (four touchdowns, zero interceptions). But in the defeat, Brady was under pressure and struggling with the deep ball. In five losses this season, he has lost 11 times, was under pressure on 27% of his shots and could only get 21% of his passes for over 20 yards (one TD and five steals).

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : It’s unlikely, but the Buccaneers can secure a play area this weekend. They need a victory, but they also need a draw in their game with the Viking Bears. They currently have a 97% chance of qualifying for the play-offs, while the Falcons are eliminated and trying to climb up from their current 6th place. They can be in the top five, which gives them a REIT chance of 36.4%.

Injuries: Pirates | Falcons

What you need to know for a fantasy: Atlanta forward Hayden Hurst has scored 12.4 points in his last four games. Total. It’s not ideal, but the Buccaneers allow their opponents to complete 73.2 percent of their tightest ends this season (fifth highest). See the ranking for week 15.

A fucking bet: Atlanta is 1-4 away against teams with record wins this season. More information can be found here.

Lane’s choice: Buccaneers 24, Falcons 16
Cronins pick : Buccaneers 24, Falcons 13
FPI Forecast : TB, 64.1% (average 4.8 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: If Jones can’t go, Bass has depth and experience behind him….. I should be better with football: Ryan Falcons’ end-of-match errors…. The Bucs were far from perfect, but showed signs of improvement in their attack on the Vikings.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730557_19_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730564_352_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET | Fox
Conformity assessment : 60.3 | Distribution : SEA -5.5 (44.5)

What to look for: Which team can handle the pressure from the other side? Washington’s front line has been great, starting with Chase Young and Montes Sweet. Washington ranks third in the number of bags per interception attempt this season (9.1%), while the Seahawks have been the first in this category since week 8. Washington likes to play in the zone against DK Metcalfe and quarterback Russell Wilson, both from Seattle. Both handsets for three sets of 50 yards or more; Washington has so far allowed seven such receptions in the NFL. — John Keim.


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Bold prophecy: Wilson will be at least 75% complete. He has already reached that limit four times this season, including last weekend, as the game plan of the Seahawks against the Jets and their new defensive coordinator was to spread the ball quickly with shorter passes. Washington’s loaded defensive line will give the Seahawks an extra reason to do this on Sunday, especially with Brandon Schell’s starting right approach unavailable. — Brady Henderson

Figure it out urgently: Over the past four weeks, Washington’s defensive line has led the NFL by 58 QBs and has the second highest number of passing rush wins, hitting blocks within 2.5 seconds 61% of the time, according to ESPN and NFL Next Gen Stats.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : Win and they’ll be at the Seahawks this weekend. Washington cannot make the NFC East or the playoffs, but has a 68.6% chance of making the REIT playoffs. He hasn’t made the playoffs since 2015.

Injuries: Seahawks | Washington

What you need to know for a fantasy: Seattle receiver Tyler Lockett scored just 12.5 fantastic points in six of the seven games he’s played since his 53-point performance against the Cardinals, and Washington has the fourth best receiver defense this season. See the ranking for week 15.

A fucking bet: Washington has won four games in a row. More information can be found here.

Henderson’s choice: Seahawks 23, Washington 17
Keim’s Choice: Seahawks 24, Washington 17
FPI forecast: ESE, 61.3% (with an average of 3.9 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: Less than 500 points, but division champion? Washington could first follow the path of the Seahawks… Washington’s defensive bounce goes beyond the… Playback preview? The Seahawks’ trip to Washington could be repeated in January… Young, defensive youth help protect Washington’s first place in the Eastern NFC… Adams of the Seahawks noticed that the bags against the Jets…

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604431052_184_All-the-rumors-news-deals-and-reaction.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604431050_180_All-the-rumors-news-deals-and-reaction.png

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET | CBS
Conformity assessment : 49.1 | Distribution : MIA -1 (41.5)

What to look for: The Patriots are fifth in the NFL in terms of rushing (147.5 yards per game) and they counted on that rush for 217 yards (quarterback Cam Newton had 75) in beating the Dolphins 21-11 in the season opener. Miami’s fast defense (120.2 yards per game, 22nd in the NFL) has improved somewhat since then, but the Dolphins know that the key to stopping the Patriots offense is to minimize the offense in progress. — Cameron Wolfe

Bold prophecy: The game, with Newton on the receiving end, is going to skip a spark because the Patriots have to do everything they can to make their season a success. Although the play-off hope is unlikely, the Patriots will do their utmost to win, and the attack will have to be creative in the stages to put together an attack that gave the Rams only three points in the defeat of week 14. — Mike Travel

Figure it out urgently: The Dolphins won 19 straight games to take the lead. This is the longest period of activity in the NFL and the longest period of activity for the Dolphins since a 19-game series in the 1997-98 season. The last time Miami had a long series of victories was in 1982-85 (42 consecutive victories).

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Patriots were beaten out of the play-offs this weekend, ending an 11-year-old run with a last-season performance. They are expected to be 16th in total in the project. will come first, with a chance of 1.9% to finish in the top ten of the CPI. With the rollover, the dolphins have a 30.2 percent chance of seeing football in the play-offs.

Injuries: Patriots | Dolphins

What you need to know for a fantasy: Newton made 15 running attempts (75 yards and two scores) in week 1 against the Dolphins. He scored 25.7 fantasy points in that game, but has only achieved that number once since. See the ranking for week 15.

A fucking bet: For the first time since 2013, Miami is favoured by more than one point against New England and since 2003 by more than one point against New England. More information can be found here.

The choice of rice: Patriots 20, Dolphins 17
Wolf Pickup: Dolphins 20, Patriots 16
FPI Prediction: NE, 51.8% (average 0.6 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: Against Tagovailoa, the patriots want to continue their dominance against the novice QBs… The path of the Dolphins to the NFL playoffs in 2020: Joker or bust… The patriots, who stay behind, try to stay afloat in a difficult season…. Oh, Boyce: How the miracle of Miami unfolded and surprised the patriots… Newton’s efforts allow Belichick to cover the problems of the Patriot list… The dolphins make a killing with their nameless defenses.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730564_760_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730556_355_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET | CBS
Conformity assessment : 48.1 | Distribution : IND -7 (50.5)

What to look for: Watch the Colts before the Texas line of attack. The Colts were outnumbered in terms of bags against the Raiders in Week 14, but the Houston quarterbacks were sent away seven times last weekend by the Bears. Indianapolis fired QB Deshaun Watson’s Texans five times in the game two weeks ago, and the Texans have already allowed 40 layoffs this season. — Mike Wells


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Bold prophecy: Houston receiver Keke Coutee will have another game with 100 yards or more. Coutee had his best three career games against the Colts (22 strikes for 275 yards) and that game will continue on Sunday. -Sarah Barshop

Figure it out urgently: Watson has already scored 25 touchdowns per pass this season and needs two more to reach a new career height.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Colts enter the weekend with an 85% chance to qualify for the FPI play-offs. They have 95% chance of winning on Sunday, but 66% chance of losing. Houston is eliminated from the playoffs, but also has no first-round picks in 2021.

Injuries: Texts | Colts

What you need to know for a fantasy: Tyreek Hill, DK Metcalf and T.Y.. Hilton is the only player this season with 80 receiving yards and a touchdown in three consecutive games. See the ranking for week 15.

A fucking bet: Indianapolis is the favorite with a score of 8-2 ATS in the last 10 games. More information can be found here.

Barshop’s Choice: Colt 31, Texas 24
Wells Choice : Colt 34, Texas 20
FPI Prediction: IND – 63.7% (average 4.7 points).

The juxtaposition should be read: It’s hard to imagine better days for Texas D after an embarrassing loss…. Colts’ Sanchez grateful to be back after the unrest three weeks ago… Texas players mobilize for the opening of Watson’s new restaurant due to a possible violation of protocol….. The Reich of the Colts says QB Rivers has a few more years for him if he wants to keep playing… Hilton Colts is missing, but he’s a real man again.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730559_94_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604431048_182_All-the-rumors-news-deals-and-reaction.png

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET | Fox
Conformity assessment : 48.1 | Distribution : MIN -3 (47)

What to look for: All eyes will be on Viking striker Dan Bailey, who missed three goals in week 14 and an extra point in the loss to Tampa Bay. Coach Mike Zimmer has been lukewarm about Bailey this week, but given the 19 minutes of COVID and Bailey’s long history as a top scorer, all indications are that Minnesota will not make any changes to the Bears’ game. But if Bailey’s Sunday isn’t right, I don’t know how long he’ll be on the list. — Courtney Cronin

Bold prophecy: The Bears win in Minnesota for the third time in a row, for the first time since 1983-85. Chicago coach Matt Nagy led the Vikings at the U.S. Bank Stadium, where his team has won each of the past two seasons, including a dominant victory in the 2018 regular season finale that kept Minnesota out of the playoffs. Nagy has a 4-1 record against the Vikings, the only defeat is that of the teams that met on the Soldier’s Field on the 16th. November. — Jeff Dickerson

Figure it out urgently: Dalvin Cook of Minnesota scored 14 touchdowns this season, the second highest number of touchdowns in one season in Viking history (Adrian Peterson scored 18 in 2009). But in four career games against the Bears, Cook averaged 2.84 yards per run.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The winner of this game remains in the hunt for the playoffs, while the loser, according to the FPI, has no more than a 5% chance of qualifying for the post-season. Chicago currently has a 15 percent chance of reaching the play-offs, which could go up to 36 percent if it wins and 2 percent if it loses. Minnesota, which currently stands at 21%, will rise to 32% if it wins, but will fall to 5% if it loses.

Injuries: Bear | Vikings

What you need to know for a fantasy: Adam Thielen, the Viking receiver, scored twice in the first game with the Bears, but Justin Jefferson had twice as many receipts and hit 80% of his targets (Thielen stood at 57.1%). See the ranking for week 15.

A fucking bet: Chicago’s 1-4 ATS in his last five games. More information can be found here.

Dickerson’s choice: Bear 27, Vikings 26
Cronin spades: Vikings 28, bearing 27
FPI prediction : MIN, 59.4% (with an average of 3.2 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: Bears are confronted with BQ decisions in a possible post-Truby era… If the shortcomings are not remedied quickly, the Vikings can be eliminated from the play-offs. Can GM Pace and Coach Nagy survive the fall of the Bears? … What does the workload for the Viking Cook mean for 2021 and beyond?

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730565_664_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET | CBS
Conformity assessment : 47.6 | Distribution : BAL -13 (47.5)

What to look for: Quarterback Lamar Jackson and the Ravens, who dominate the attack, face challenges in a Jaguar-led defence. Baltimore leads the NFL in a hurry (173.8 yards per game) and has scored over 200 yards on the ground in two consecutive games. Jacksonville allowed the third-highest rush this season (145.5 per race) and lost last weekend with 249 of the Titans. — Jamison Hensley


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Bold prophecy: Yannick Ngakoue will have the bags on Sunday. The Ravens’ defense says he treats it like a game, but nobody believes that, right? It was an ugly end to his stay in Jacksonville, which led him to call the owner’s son (who is also the executive vice president of the football team responsible for management and technology) a clown in the field of social media. The attacking Jaguars, Cam Robinson and Jawan Taylor, have fought faster rushes this season, and Ngakoue will take advantage of that. — Mike DiRocco.

Figure it out urgently: The Jaguars lost 12 straight games, the second longest losing streak in franchise history (13 straight games in 2012-13). But on the other hand, they have a plus-74 point difference compared to the Ravens and are 12-9 in the history of the game.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : According to the FPI, the Ravens have the easiest program in the NFL with their last three opponents this season as a combined 8-30-1. They have a 53% chance of winning, according to the FPI. While they currently have an 86% chance of qualifying for the qualifications, they have a 53% chance of losing this weekend, regardless of the results of the other races. The Jaguars, on the other hand, are expected to be number two in the standings and even have a 24.6 per cent chance of taking the lead.

Injuries: Jaguars | Raven

What you need to know for a fantasy: Jacksonville running back James Robinson and Buffalo receiver Stefan Diggs are the only running back, wide receiver or tight receiver to score 10 points in a game for their team this season. See the ranking for week 15.

A fucking bet: Baltimore is the two-digit regular season favourite (39-0) and the only team that has never lost at this stage. More information can be found here.

DiRocco’s choice: Raven 28, Jaguars 21, Hensley picking: Raven 34, Jaguars 10
FPI Prediction: BAL, 87.6% (average 15.3 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: Who’s the Jaguar scorer this weekend? It was historic, crazy and wild…. A big comeback in Cleveland: Within the Ravens and Jackson’s dramatic 70 minutes…. Minshaw expects Ngakou’s crows to be out for blood…. There were 427 visits: The Jackson Ravens bring a fighting spirit to the table…

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604431051_946_All-the-rumors-news-deals-and-reaction.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730560_822_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET | CBS
Conformity assessment : 40.1 | Distribution : TEN -11 (51.5)

What to look for: The search for the 2,000 yard run continues for Titans’ defender Derrick Henry, who has 1,532 yards with three games left to play. The Titans will try to take advantage of a Detroit defense that allows 132.8 yards per match. They want to give the ball to Henry, but they’ll be too careful to let him go. See how they arrange his transport and how often he can interrupt long journeys. — Turron Davenport

Bold prophecy: Henry will be in a slightly better position for his 2,000 yard chase after winning over 200 yards, including two touchdowns, against Detroit. The Lions’ attack is as dangerous as the defense: Frank Ragnow (neck) and Matthew Stafford (ribs) are doubtful. The Detroit defense, which is already very inconsistent, could therefore be more present on the field than it would like, which could lead to bigger holes in the second half. — Michael Rothstein

Figure it out urgently: The Lions have already allowed 21 quick touchdowns this season (that’s the most).

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Titans can earn a place in the play-offs with a victory and a loss against the Ravens. They haven’t reached the play-offs since the 2007-2008 season. The Lions are eliminated from the playoffs with one loss and one victory for the Cardinals, but FPI gives them a 74% chance to get in the top 10 of the draft.

Injuries: Lions | Titans

What you need to know for a fantasy: Four of the seven 30-point games in Henry’s career were played in December (including 36.2 points last weekend in Jacksonville). See the ranking for week 15.

A fucking bet: When quarterback Ryan Tannehill starts a regular season game for Tennessee, the overruns are 18-4-1, including 9-3-1 this season. More information can be found here.

Rothstein’s choice: Titans 34, Lions 13Davenport: Titans 42, Lions 17
REIT Forecast : SS, 79.0% (average 10.7 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: What makes Lions Coach’s job attractive and what doesn’t make it…. The defense of the Titans is eager to remedy the weakness of victory over the Jaguars… Badgers and Favre are part of the charming life of Lion Bevell in Wisconsin.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604916801_275_NFL-Week-9-takeaways-stat-leaders.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730568_405_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET | CBS
Conformity assessment : 34.3 | Distribution : SF -3 (45)

What to look for: The Cowboys’ defense may feel good after last weekend’s loss to Cincinnati, which carries 101 yards out of 30, but the unit faces greater challenges given the similar running patterns to San Francisco. The Browns ran 307 meters against Dallas, the most in the team’s history. Washington rushed 189 and 182 meters and swept the Cowboys in 2020. Gap discipline is a must against San Francisco, but the Cowboys have yet to show that they are capable of holding their own against a zone pattern. — Todd Archer


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– How did the 2017 project change the shape of the saints – among the champions of the 500 division? VFPPathway – Jim Kelly: Will Allen break all my
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Bold prophecy: For the second time this season, 49-year-old defender Jeff Wilson Jr. will achieve the highest score of his career in the race and surpass the 112 points he earned in the week 7 game against New England. Dallas loses a lead of 162.7 yards per game and 5.07 yards per carry. While Raheem Mostert is still struggling with the aftermath of a previous ankle injury, it’s a good match for Wilson and the Niners on the ground. — Nick Wagoner

Figure it out urgently: San Francisco quarterback Nick Mullens has thrown seven interceptions since week eight. Drew Lock (nine years) and Matt Ryan (eight years) are the only players who have been more numerous in the NFL in this period.

Play-offs/Removal : The 49ers (79%) and Cowboys (71%) entered the season in fourth and fifth place to qualify for the play-offs, according to the FPI, but both are now facing elimination. The Cowboys will be eliminated from the post-season with a victory or loss against Washington and Arizona. The 49ers lost and the cardinals won. If you lose the Super Bowl for the second year in a row, you won’t reach the play-offs next season (Rams). Dallas is expected to finish fifth in April and San Francisco thirteenth.

Injuries: 49ers | Cowboys

What you need to know for a fantasy: Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has held less than 10 fantasy points eight times in his career, including five times in the past two months. See the ranking for week 15.

A fucking bet: Since the start of the 2018 season, Dallas is 4-0 ATS as a home outsider (1-0 ATS this season). More information can be found here.

Wagoner tip: 49ers 27, Cowboys 13
Archer tip: 49ers 31, Cowboys 23
FPI prediction : SF, 70.4% (average 7.1 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: Badass Warner is the last one to have 49 years of experience… Don’t judge the Lawrence Cowboys with a single bag… Cowboys, the 49ers are out prime time on weekdays 15….. How did it get this far? … Cowboy’s Vice President Jones said McCarthy will return as coach in 2021… McCarthy reminds us that the arrival of the Cowboys in 2020 could also have consequences for 2021.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730570_957_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/NFL-Week-8-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

Sunday, 16:05 p.m. ET | Fox
Conformity assessment : 49.6 | Distribution : THORAX -17.5 (43.5)

What to look for: The Rams’ offense is just recovering from a Week 12 loss to the 49ers, but coach Sean McVay and quarterback Jared Goff could try to open up the game plan and find some connections down the field as the Jets defense allowed 286.8 passing yards per game, which is the 31st in the NFL. For Sunday, Goff was on the 33rd place of the 35 qualified setters with an average of 6.18 yards per attempt. — Lindsay Tyree

Bold prophecy: Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald will take at least two bags and at least two running tackles (tackles for zero or negative yards). Every week he goes through a sniper and now he’s facing a team with two backup guards, Pat Elflein and Josh Andrews. — Rich Cimini

Figure it out urgently: The Rams lead the NFL in total defense (285.9 yards per game), while the Jets follow the NFL in total offense (269.8).

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Rams can earn a play-off spot with a win. They also have a 67.5% chance of winning the NFC West at the end of the season, according to RPI. The Jets have a 53% chance of losing, which would give them the first choice in design. They are currently the favourites to win first place with a 75.4% chance.

Injuries: Aircraft rams

What you need to know for a fantasy: The only two players from Los Angeles that have 20 behind them in the last two weeks are Cam Akers and Minnesota’s Dalvin Cook. Not bad for a rookie who wears 59 earlier in the season. See the ranking for week 15.

A fucking bet: Eight of the last ten Rams games have not happened. More information can be found here.

Chimini’s choice: Rams 35, Jets 6, Thiry Scissors: Rams 32, Jets 10
FPI prediction: LAR, 93.0% (average 19.5 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: The look on a jet trainer’s face says he abandoned the owner… YAC Kings: Rams Forest, Kupp’s master pick up the yards after the catch…. The death of the 2020 plane: 13 reasons for the losses … Attention, Los Angeles: The Rams’ defense gains strength as the play-offs approach… Can Clemson’s Lawrence, probably the NFL’s number one, turn the Jets around? … Is Goff able to be the quarterback of the Rams in the Super Bowl?

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1605014708_332_NFL-Power-Rankings-Week-10.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730567_506_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

Sunday, 16:05 p.m. ET | Fox
Conformity assessment : 43.7 | Distribution : ARI -7 (49.5)

What to look for: With running back Chase Edmonds calling the shots and quarterback Kyler Murray fighting in the running back division, expect Murray to take the field against the Eagles. Murray understands the situation of the cardinals in the playoffs – they have to keep winning to stay alive – and if he runs, they have a better chance of winning. With three games to go, the Cardinals have no time to lose and Murray will do what he can. — Josh Weinfuss.


In conversations with former players, coaches and celebrities, Peyton Manning looks at the history of football and its cultural influence. Watch on ESPN+

Bold prophecy: Reverse Miles Sanders gathers 70 meters from receiving and marks his first received TD of the season. His passing skills, which he showed in his first season, faded for much of the year because he and quarterback Carson Wentz had communication problems. Sanders scored a 36-yard reception last weekend with Jalen Hurts in the center, indicating that there are big things ahead. — Tim McManus.

Figure it out urgently: Murray has a career record of 9-4 when he runs over 40 yards in a race. But it’s 3-12-1 if it’s kept below that level.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The cardinals enter the weekend with a 56% chance of qualifying for the play-offs, according to FPI. With a win on Sunday, they have a 65% chance of making the playoffs, but a 25% chance of losing. No team has a greater swing potential (40 percentage points) in week 15. With one loss and one victory from Washington, the Eagles are out of the playoffs. They enter the weekend with a 6.5% chance of making it to the post-season, and that chance increases to 18% with a win. Philadelphia is currently in 10th place. Option negotiated in the project.

Injuries: Eagles | Cardinals

What you need to know for a fantasy: Sanders comes off his best game of the season (29.6 points) with a home advantage. But there’s a price to pay. Sanders has more one-digit matches (four) than 20-point matches (three), including three in the past month. See the ranking for week 15.

A fucking bet: Arizona is 3-6 ATS as the favorite with Murray in the middle. More information can be found here.

McManus’ choice: Eagles 27, Cardinals 24
Weinfuss rush: Cardinals 24, Needles 21
FPI Prediction: ARI, 10.2 (77.8% overall average)

The juxtaposition should be read: Driscoll, Eagles lineman, is retiring, according to a source…. Chicken, roast, and weatherman: Why Cardinal Pew became a life coach…. How should the eagles approach the crown? I think Favre… The cardinals find a recipe to return to the playoffs.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730558_834_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730569_22_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

Sunday, 16:25 ET | CBS
Conformity assessment : 97.2 | Distribution : KC -3 (51.5)

What to look for: These are two elite teams from the NFL, both looking for a crucial first place in their conference. The first attack of the leaders meets the second defense of the leaders. Oh, and there’s a chance Drew Brees will be back on the team just in time for an epic QB match against Patrick Mahomes. The NFL’s regular season schedule probably won’t be the best of the year. — Mike Triplett

Bold prophecy: The chiefs will force the saints to change the game at least twice. Last weekend the Chiefs’ compass has made four sacks against the Dolphins and the Saints’ quarterback – whether it’s Brees or Taysom Hill – will be under pressure with a few faults. Watch out for the safety of the Chiefs, Tyrann Mathieu, who has been intercepted four times in the last three races. — Adam Thacher.

Figure it out urgently: Mahomes threw for at least 315 yards in six consecutive games, corresponding to the longest run of this type in the history of the NFL with Brees (2012-13) and Rich Gannon (2002). And according to Elias’ Sports Bureau, his 2,309 yards in the last six games are the highest in NFL history.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Chiefs need the victories and losses of the Steelers and Bills to secure the AFC’s top position and home advantage in the playoffs. And the Saints can take over the NFC South with victory or defeat for the Buccaneers.

Injuries: Chiefs | Saints

What you need to know for a fantasy: Clyde Edwards-Helair, the fullback of the Chiefs, has achieved less than 40 meters in four of his last five races. Although he’s a fantastic beginner, he’s only in the top 10 twice this season. See the ranking for week 15.

A fucking bet: Kansas City has won five straight games by one point, but failed to win all five. It is the first team to win five games without mating since the 1986 Patriots. More information can be found here.

Thacher’s choice: Chiefs 26, Saints 20Triplett: Chiefs 27, Saints 24
FPI prediction : CS, 55.2% (average of 1.8 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: How long will it take QB Mahomes Chiefs to break passing Holy Trees records? … The saints barely missed Mahomes in 2017, but have reorganised the franchise… Leaders, the Mahomes continue their love-hate relationship with Hard Rock Stadium… Payton: The return of the trees depends on the course of the week…. Turnover continues to cloud Hill’s future as a quarterback for the Saints.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Game


Domonic Foxworth and Damien Woody explain why they think saints should throw Jameis Winston against the leaders.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/NFL-Power-Rankings-Week-10.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730563_101_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

Sunday, 8:20 p.m. ET | NBC
compliance rate: 27.1 | Distribution : CLE -5 (44)

What to look for: The Browns are in third place in the rushing yards (156.2 yards per game) and the Giants are in seventh place in the rushing yards (101.5). Whoever wins this game probably wins this game. — Jordan Ranan

Bold prophecy: Jarvis Landry, former teammate and good friend of Browns’ receiver Odell Beckham Jr., is responsible for multiple touchdowns in one game for the first time this season. — Jake Trotter

Figure it out urgently: Cleveland quarterback Baker Mayfield averages 9.9 yards per field goal this season, making him second in the NFL. But he averaged 6.3 yards a try, placing him 29th in the NFL.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Browns enter the weekend with an 82% chance of making the playoffs, according to the FPI. Win, and it’ll be 95%. The loser and the Browns have dropped to 68%. The Giants are also fighting for a play-off spot and have a 24% chance of winning the NFC East. A victory would have helped them and given them a 41 percent chance, but that figure would have dropped to one (9 percent) in case of defeat. New York is currently in 12th place. Projected selection in concept.

Injuries: Browns | Giants

What you need to know for a fantasy: There are 14 teams that have seen at least 55 goals this season, with giant Evan Engram last in terms of points per goal (1.22). In fact, this percentage is 18.1% lower than each of the other classifiers and 29.5% lower than the average. See the ranking for week 15.

A fucking bet: The Giants are 8-3 ATS as underdogs this season. More information can be found here.

The choice of trotter: Browns 28, Giants 24
Raanan’s choice: Browns 22, Giants 20
FPI prediction: CCC – 58.1% (average 2.8 points).

The juxtaposition should be read: It’s been 25 years since the Browns broke Cleveland’s heart and went to Baltimore… The giant OC Garrett tested positive for coronavirus; the game Kitchens call vs Browns … Despite the loss, the Browns are showing why they’re on the right track…. Almost two years later, the Giants won the Beckham case……. The giant QB Jones has injured his leg.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730567_343_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1605014711_775_NFL-Power-Rankings-Week-10.png

Monday 20:15 ET | ESPN
Conformity assessment : 50.0 | Distribution : PIT -13 (40.5)

What to look for: Pittsburgh is trying to end a two-game stalled this season. The Bengal have suffered five straight defeats, are plagued by injuries and are looking for their first victory against an AFC North rival since week one. November 2015. — Ben Baby


Talk about the biggest games of the NFL, the original series and more. Watch on ESPN+

Bold prophecy: The Steelers are going to walk over 100 meters. The running game has not been used in three games, but Pittsburgh faces a Bengals team that allows 131.9 yards of running time per game. The Steelers need a more balanced attack to go deep into qualifying, and Monday Night Football allows them to correct their shortcomings in the ground game. — Brooke Pryor.

Figure it out urgently: The waterfalls have been a big problem for the Steelers this season. They have 33 total decreases and 6.3% decreases, both of which are the highest in the NFL. And in the last three weeks there have been 14 decreases and 9.9% decline. Wide receiver Deonta Johnson leads all players with 11 drops, while tight end Eric Ebron leads the tight end with six drops.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Steelers will cement themselves in the AFC North with a victory or loss against the Browns. This will be their first AFC North title since 2017. According to the CPI the Bengalis have the third choice in design and a 96.1 percent chance of staying in the top five.

Injuries: Metallurgist | Bengal

What you need to know for a fantasy: Yes, quarterback Joe Barrow was in the lead, but Cincinnati receiver Tee Higgins scored 54% of the team’s receiving yards in the first game of the Steelers-Bengals. See the ranking for week 15.

A fucking bet: The biggest surprise in the history of Monday Night Football has been scored three times at 10.5 points, most recently by Miami at home in New England in 2017. More information can be found here.

Pryor’s choice: Steel 24, Bengali 10
Child’s choice : Steelworkers 27, Bengal 6
FPI Forecast : PIT, 76.8% (with an average of 9.7 points).

The juxtaposition should be read: The Steelers’ receiver, Smith-Schuster, has no intention of stopping dancing at Logos… Why this could be the end of green time with the bengals…. Roethlisberger: Don’t panic in front of the Steelers in the middle of a two-game setback… Restoration of the Bengali wheelbarrow : What you can expect, how he relates to the others… The season ended without a bag for Bengals DT Atkins.

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