Ben Rothlisberger

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Ben Retlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelmakers in a match against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium on the 08. November 2020.

On Sunday, the invincible Pittsburgh Steelworks left AT&T Stadium, defeated the Cowboys (24:19) and set a record for Dallas with 2:7. At his press conference after the game, Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger repeated much of what he had said in other media in recent weeks.

For example, he said: I’m very proud of the way the boys fought and I don’t want to disappoint them. He also said: I just need to play better. I’m not reincarnating the fields I need.

But while he was talking about fending off an attack, not to mention a glimpse of what happened to his knee in the first half (see below), he took some time to stalk the Cowboys.

World (after Ben Rothlisberger)

It’s the NFL, there are no easy games. We’re the steelworkers of Pittsburgh, we know everyone’s after us, he started before he made a verbal detour. I’m not trying to shoot anyone, but if you didn’t know who Team America was, you’d see the bleachers and all those awful towels. Dallas may be the Team America, but we will be the World Team. We have fans everywhere and they are the best in the world.

Dallas fans might not appreciate that. Cowboy fans also can’t appreciate that Dallas was the NFL’s second choice to become Team America, with the Pittsburgh Steelmakers behind them.

It should be noted that Rotlisberger did not treat the Dallas Cowboys football team with disrespect.

It’s a good team. I don’t care what’s in their files, he noticed. After that, I talked to Al [Villanueva] and told him it was probably the best Pass Rush defense of all time…… Give the [Cowboys] a lot of credit.

Ben Rothlisberger on the first half of the knee injury

As mentioned earlier, Rothlisberger also took a time-out from what happened to his knee just before the break when he was beaten by two defenders.

Someone hit me straight in the knee and it looked like my knee was a bit bent, says Rothlisberger. It’s part of the football game; boys get beat up all the time. I was just a little uncomfortable, so we thought we’d check at the end of half [early]. Doc just wanted me to keep him informed in the second half, so I kept him at a distance, kept him warm.

Later, when another journalist asked him if he expected the knee to remain a problem in the future, he simply answered: No, it’s okay. Thank you for asking.

The full press conference of Roethlisberger after the race is below:

Press conference at the end of the race (Dallas Cowboys 9th week) : Ben RotlisbergerBen Rotlisberger on his victory over the Dallas Cowboys, his knee, his slow start Ben Rotlisberger shakes hands with the media after the Pittsburgh Steelmakers persuaded the Dallas Cowboys in week 9. #HereWeGo #Steelers#SteelersWin Do you like our content? Do you want more? Don’t forget to subscribe to YT Pittsburgh Steel Mills: Looking for other steel mills…2020-11-09T02:06:43Z?

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