Two years ago, in the Hall of Fame, Eric Dickerson made a statement about the career of veteran quarterback Tom Brady. In an earlier interview with Undisputed at Fox Sports 1, Dickerson said that 41-year-old Brady’s career would end after the defeat of the New England Patriots of the Tennessee Titans. Look, Tom’s a great quarterback. But his time is up. At the time, Dickerson said

So far Dickerson has had to eat his words with an impressive performance by Brady, now 43, in the Tampa Bay Pirates’ last two victories over the Green Bay Packers and Las Vegas Raiders.

Brady scored two touchdowns in his 38-10 victory over the Packers and followed them with five touchdowns – four passes and a quick pass – in his 45/20 victory over the Raiders. Brady’s four touchdowns earned him first place in the all-time touchdowns record, beating Drew Bree of New Orleans. The Buccaneers are currently ranked 5-2 by NFC South, a significant improvement on their 2-5 record at this stage of last season.

Dickerson corrects previous return

On an episode of The Undisputed Wednesday’s the smiling Dickerson had to correct his earlier statement by saying: The old man proved me wrong. Let’s not forget Brady’s a great quarterback.

Probably the best quarterback I’ve ever played, said Dickerson, as the author of the undisputed video transcribed on YouTube. At Famer Hall they said he was surprised at how Brady had improved his game despite being in the new team, the new system and without the benefits of the PTA and training camp. He plays as an MVP, Dickerson said, adding that Brady can show impressive numbers in his upcoming games as the Buccaneers take on the Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions in December.

Sharpe praises Brady

Despite the fact that Shannon Sharp is known as Brady’s loyal critic, the veteran quarterback is arguably talking about the Most Valuable Player (MVP) trophy for a significant improvement in the Buccaneers’ record this season. He had to attend the interview because he had to think about how they were last year, Sharpe said.

The first thought that protecting the Brady books can help achieve this goal. Previously, Marcus Spears and Stephen A. Smith had made Brady one of the favourites of the season as MVP.

Godwin vs. the Giants

The Buccaneers will play the New York Giants without one of their top receivers after Chris Godwin was operated on for a broken left index finger, according to Rick Strauda of the Tampa Bay Times. According to’s Nick Shuk, Godwin was injured when Brady scored a touchdown to beat the Raiders on Sunday. Tom Pelissero from said Godwyn could be back in the ninth week. During Godwin’s absence, the pirates can turn to veteran Antonio Brown, with whom they recently signed a one-year contract.

According to the USA Today Sportsbook, Buccaneers are the favourites with 10 points more than the Giants.

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