The trump card’s refusal to call off the election, the insane tweets that are opening the states’ way for him, and the current inability to give President-elect Joe Biden access to federal funds and resources to strengthen his administration, have put America in a difficult situation for the past 71 days. Trumpf may be a lame duck, but he will keep the president in power until mid-January, and his strangulation by the Republican Party, if any, was exacerbated by the 70 million votes won last week. The president thus has the power – institutionally and politically – and seems to have the motivation to cause great unrest before returning to civilian life.

Attorney General William Barr, who has shown a tendency to use his own power to further the president’s political ambitions, told prosecutors Monday that they would have to review unconfirmed allegations of electoral irregularities before states confirm the results in the coming weeks. This decision will raise fears of a new attempt by the Tromp government to protest against the will of the voters, but as in the case of the presidential campaign, Barr’s memo provided no evidence of fraud/ Yet it forced the Chief Prosecutor for electoral crimes to resign to protest against the political change.

And Trump waited only two days after the election for Biden to demand retribution from those he considered enemies within his government.

The removal of Esper reflects the President’s ability to change key government departments in the remaining weeks of his term of office in order to promote his willingness to cause a disruption to the government that could prevent Biden from performing his duties.

Frankly, it can do a lot of damage in destabilising a large agency by firing a number of top managers. Delaware Democratic Party Senator Chris Koons told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Monday.

Monday’s events underlined that even in states where the results are not yet final, any disclosure of the results makes it almost impossible for Republicans who want to follow his triumph to delegitimize his presidency in the minds of millions of conservative voters. This could be Trump’s most devastating legacy.

Transition is greater than normal

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Traditionally, and in accordance with the law, the outgoing administration provides funds, offices and other federal resources to ensure that an entity’s legacy is as broad as possible compared to the multi-billion dollar U.S. government, on the assumption that even political opponents share a desire to protect national interests. This process usually starts a few hours after an election.

The new administrations are rapidly sending landing teams to the federal government to speed up operations, review staffing needs and provide information on key programmes. In the departments of national security and the armed forces, new officials are informed about secret activities, secret diplomacy behind closed doors and threats of which the new president must be aware. This process also allows officials to speed up the process of establishing their national security clearance.

The current transition is all the more important in the light of the still terrible coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis.

But so far, Emily Murphy, Trump’s general service manager, has not begun the process of initiating a transition – known as a branch – because the president continues to insist for no reason that her second term has been stolen by the Democrats.

His attitude – not surprisingly because he has consistently put his personal and political goals first – and his organizational obstacles mean that the coming months will be as sarcastic and chaotic as the three and a half years of his presidency.

I think this will be the most hostile and turbulent presidential transition in modern history, at least since the Great Depression of 1932, said Rebecca Lisner, a non-resident scholar at Georgetown University and co-author of a new book, The Open World, which contains a new road map for U.S. foreign policy.

We need to be wary of what might happen if Trump’s outgoing administration actively obstructs Biden’s new team, whether through incompetence or direct sabotage, which really does become a more visible opportunity given the president’s refusal to approve the election results, Lisner said.

Team Biden reinforces the rhetoric

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Some national security experts fear that the president will take actions such as ordering all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan or trying to radically change U.S. influence in Asia – actions that Biden finds difficult to reverse.

And if the president, who is constantly shivering at the limits of his authority and politicizing the Ministry of Justice, wants to forgive his parishioners arrested in criminal cases – or even tries to create potential immunity for family members or himself – this will generate massive controversy and guilt.

So far, Biden’s team has tried to give the president a chance to come to terms with his defeat. But with Mr Trump’s oath to continue lengthy processes, the delays at the beginning of the transition period become more serious over time.

Trump’s obstruction contrasts with the recent transfer of power, in which the presidents instructed their staff to do their utmost to build a team of successors. Obama administration officials were surprised and grateful for President George W. Bush’s cooperation with the White House during the last economic crisis of 2008/09. President Barack Obama has tried to extend the same courtesy to the incipient trump policy, but in many cases the new officials have turned a blind eye to the task of undermining federal laws.

The President-elect began work on Monday on the critical task that his government will take on from day one: fighting the pandemic. He announced the creation of an advisory board, which conveyed the strong message that the fight against the virus would be led by science and not by politics.

It was almost a surreal moment, after months of Trump’s misinformation about the virus, when a power figure was about to take over the presidency, begging Americans of all political stripes to wear masks.

This isn’t a political statement, Biden said.

One of Biden’s strengths is that he has an experienced staff in Washington, such as Ron Klain, who served as chief of staff for Vice Presidents Biden and Al Gore, and Jake Sullivan, a former national security assistant preparing for senior positions in the West Wing. But despite this experience, democratic officials have been sidelined for the past four years. So it was important that the coons set a new tone on Monday evening to make the process run smoothly, because the Biden camp understands that a controversial transition is a possible option.

President Trump has to admit he lost the election. His allies and colleagues here in the Senate need to talk about this issue and we need to move forward, said the raccoon about the war room. These remarks will be interpreted as a calculated escalation of Biden camp rhetoric, as the Enone are close to Biden and are considered a possible candidate for the cabinet, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Biden team realized that the transition would be more controversial than they initially thought, reports CNN’s Jeff Zeleny.


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Only a minority of Republicans, including the Senses… Ben Sass of Nebraska, Mitt Romney of Utah, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Susan Collins of Maine publicly admitted that Biden won the election. Others, like the entire Trump administration, are sensitive to the situation because they hope for a political future.

Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, said in a speech in the Senate that the president has the right to pursue legitimate electoral impediments, although even GOP officials organizing elections in key states say there is no evidence to support allegations of the asset of massive fraud.

Let’s not start teaching. No lessons about how the president should immediately, happily, accept the preliminary election results of the same people who just denied the validity of the last election four years and suggested that it would also be illegal if they lost again, McConnell said in a Senate hearing, quoting Democrats.

A newly elected senator from the state of Kentucky anticipates, as always, various advances in his game for political power. If a nation’s interests can dictate a smooth transition, there is no reason for McConnell Republicans to ignore Trump’s strong supporters. The second round of elections in Georgia is scheduled for January, when the Senate will be established. And in the future the Republicans have no choice, as they find a list of seats difficult to defend in the 2022 by-elections, except to rely on the Trump base.

But there is also a feeling that Republicans are avoiding giving the president time to face reality – this is the last time his ego has dictated the course of government in the last four years.

If Trump’s campaign fails to produce credible evidence and arguments in support of the president’s accusations of electoral fraud, Biden’s rise to power will be inevitable.

Many foreign leaders already look beyond the trump card. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released his photo on Monday in a telephone conversation with the President-elect.

Even in the White House, where CNN sources reported that their assistants were threatened with resignation if they looked for a new job, the fiction spreads that Trump would be in power after January. The president now sees a way to lose, CNN advisor Jim Acosta said Monday night.

But that doesn’t mean the next two months will be easy.

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