Biggest need PHX still must address after first week of free agency

What do the 2017 Suns need to address after the first week of free agency? I’m sure there are a lot of people who are ready to jump into the discussion with a laundry list of what they’d like to see the Suns do in the upcoming season, but I’m going to go a different route. Instead of trying to list every need the Suns have, I’m going to look at the biggest needs we still have, which are going to be some of the most important for the upcoming season.

The Phoenix Suns are starting the NBA season by being able to help anyone who wants to play for them. They have the best player in the league, the best coach in the league, and the best general manager in the league, and they are ready to run with it. While the Suns are going to take a serious step forward this season, there is still work to be done. The biggest need for the Suns still has to do with their biggest star.

Attributing an actual “Biggest Need” for the Phoenix Suns is difficult. Two areas that remain unfinished are depth at small forward, and the ability to defend on the perimeter. Free agency was a bit of a disappointment to Suns fans, as they were unable to land any of their top targets, and it likely means that the team will have a difficult time matching last season’s success.. Read more about nba free agent and let us know what you think.


The Phoenix Suns will seek to capitalize on their surprising run to the NBA Finals in 2021 going into next season with the hopes of lifting the Larry O’Brien Trophy in 2022. After re-signing Chris Paul and Mikal Bridges to long-term contracts and adding NBA champion and gold medalist JaVale McGee, Phoenix has already had a fruitful summer.

The Suns will aim to make another major signing during this free agency season now that they’ve taken care of their primary objectives. The Suns still have a significant need to solve this summer if they want to return to the NBA Finals and win the championship in 2022. With everything out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the Suns’ most pressing issues heading into the first week of NBA free agency in 2021.

The Phoenix Suns have the most pressing requirements.

On the wing, a playmaker with a defensive mindset. 

The Phoenix Suns already have a lot of depth in their backcourt, so adding another playmaker on the wing would round out their roster and offer them more depth across the board. As a top-notch defensive team with excellent 3-point shooting and passing, the Suns might benefit from some extra length, shooting, and playmaking at small or power forward.

Free agency swingman Hamidou Diallo is one guy that would be very helpful to their rotation. Monty William’s style would be a perfect match for his dynamic perimeter defense, playmaking, slashing, and unlimited athleticism. Diallo may flourish and continue to develop his game in Phoenix’s pass-heavy system while still adding to the Suns’ aggressive defensive efforts.

Diallo’s acquisition would also provide the Suns with a young point-forward with a lot of potential who may play a key role in their future championship campaigns. Diallo, who is still just 23, is another two-way star who may develop with the Suns and help them stay in championship contention. This is a move that makes a lot of sense for the Suns to undertake this summer if they want to keep developing for the future while competing in the present.


Another seasoned veteran who has played in the playoffs.

Another possibility for the Suns might be to sign veteran power forward Paul Millsap, who would bring defensive grit, leadership, and scoring punch to this youthful squad. He’ll be aiming to win a championship for the first time in his lengthy career after a very fruitful four-year run with the Nuggets.

Outside of Chris Paul, JaVale McGee, and Jae Crowder, Millsap would offer Phoenix with another dependable veteran who could provide leadership and a solid locker room presence. Snagging Millsap away from the Nuggets in their quest to repeat as Western Conference champs would be a wise move that would yield big rewards for the Suns in next year’s playoffs. If the Suns want to step it up a level, this is a signing they should seriously explore this summer.



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