Stolen ballots for potash


Recently, a Californian broke into a mailbox in San Francisco and feared that the missing ballots had been stolen.

A Californian thief broke into a nearby mailbox and, according to local news reports, deposited missing ballots, creating fears that others had been stolen.

Friday the 6th. In November, the Sami Wahhab of San Francisco observed from his apartment that several people had broken into a mailbox near his corner shop, ABC7 reported. The owner of the Reliance Market told the station that he had seen a thief hanging at least one news bulletin.

I was very upset when I saw this, Wahab told the local news agencies. We really need a fair election.

He added to SFist that he was worried that other ballots had been stolen or lost during the whole process, reported the base.

What worries me is that the ballots are stolen so that the votes are not counted, Wahab SFist said.

According to KRON4, a man from San Francisco found a bulletin on the floor behind his shop and another in the sewer.

Wahhab said he reported the incident to the local police, and the guard was still working.

The U.S. Post is currently investigating the theft, SFist said. She is actively investigating the incident and asks anyone with information about the crime to contact her at 1-877-876-2455.

Here’s what you need to know:

According to local mediavideo surveillance shows a person using a fishing rope in a mailbox.

CAPTURED BY THE CAMERA: Thieves steal ballots in San Francisco, reports @TaylorBisackyTV.

– 3. KRON4 News (@kron4news) November 2020

Reliance Market’s security cameras documented the incident and showed the theft using a homemade device to search the mail, KRON4 reported.

Some wire or something with glue on it, so he pushed him and stole the mail out of the box, said Wahhab at the station.

He’s done it so many times that he gets beaten up, brings mail and comes back, he went on. The car kept going up and down.

The thief, who looks like a man, wears an oversized grey hood with a blanket, and you can see him manoeuvring with some sort of rope through a mailbox to fish, adds SFist.

The perpetrator then picks up the letters and ballots according to the surveillance video from ABC7. The video shows a man quickly running away in what looks like a gray Toyota Corolla in the early 2000s, SFist continues.

According to the Washington Post, a postal vote increases the risk of losing your vote.



The unprecedented number of votes per post in this election, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, resulted in an unprecedented number of votes in the weeks leading up to the third World Cup. On 11 November, widespread concern was expressed as to whether the race for the 2020 Presidency might be more susceptible to fraud.

Saturday the 7th. In November, Decision Desk Headquarters and other news agencies named Democratic candidate Joe Biden as the 46th President-elect and defeated President Donald Trump in his bid for re-election.

However, according to USA Today, Trump needs to be recalculated in several key states, including Wisconsin, Georgia and possibly Pennsylvania.

In the course of his campaign, the President repeatedly made unjustified complaints about the process of counting postal votes, and the matter continued.

Fake voters will turn up earlier on election day, and Biden supporters are more likely to vote early, the U.S. said today. While the absent ballots, which were supposed to be in Biden’s favor, were counted, the former vice president began to eat on trump cards.

In other important countries, mail is processed for weeks. Some of the early results were for Biden before the votes were counted on the day of the vote, which was for Trump.

According to an analysis by the Washington Post, postal ballots are exposed to an increased risk of loss of between 3.5 and 4.9 percent, depending on the state in which they are delivered.

Lost votes, a term coined by the Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project (VTP) in its 2001 voting report: What is/can be – these are the votes that are not counted in the elections, the paper goes on.

The document, which quotes an upcoming article in the Harvard Data Science Review to quantify the risk of a person voting by post rather than personally, refers to various scenarios in which a vote may be lost. The following scenarios have been presented in the analysis:

The application for a ballot paper may be lost by post; the local election office may lose or reject the application; the ballot paper cannot be returned to the voter, e.g. if it is lost by post; and the marked ballot paper cannot be returned to the local election office. Even when a ballot arrives, it may be rejected because it is late or unsigned.

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